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Philippines Grids In the Philippines



anyone has an Idea of Grid source in the Philippines? I'll try and find one. If it ever has its really rare.
same 'ere..i'm starting to look for one. any progress?....how about cloroplast?
Found one in ACE Hardware. 1k for 30 pieces.
I found a pack of 30 called "Stack & Rack" costing P999.75 from Ace Hardware, SM Megamall, UG level.

Hope that helps you :)
i have been searching online for cage sources.. thanks for the information regarding the grid..
OH.. i didn't notice.. the last reply before my last was 3 years old!!! Gosh.. anyway.. I hope there's still the "Stack & Rack" in Ace Hardware...
Are there still grids in megamall???
i found grids in mall of asia 3 left 1800 6cubes 1400 4cubes in ace hardware
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