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Apr 25, 2012
Hi All - I'm a new member, very eager to learn and a new piggy owner (had a She-ra long haired piggy when I was a kid).

I don't have any pics as of now, but working on getting some tonight or tomorrow. I have 2 boars, Zuko & Aang (avatar characters) that I got for my kids (at least that's what I'm telling everyone :)). My kids are 12 & 5, so they are very excited about piggy ownership.

So far, I've had a lot of stress from my two boys. I got them from a pet store (prob wasn't the best of ideas) 2 weeks ago today. 5 days in Zuko came down with ringworm and I kinda freaked out (with worry), and Aang the next day. I scoured the internet for how to keep them comfortable, notified the pet store and began treatment. The weekly baths (have had 2 now) have been the hardest. The pet store allowed me to return everything that I could't sanitize properly and they even took in one of their piggies to the vet (didn't have ringworm). I was very pleased with their level of concern and policies regarding the health and well being of their animals. I spoke to 2 store managers and the small animal manager over the next week. It was pretty amazing how helpful and how much they cared. I'm still treating them and it stopped spreading and appears to be healing properly. But seriously, I was freaked by the entire event. I hated that there were so uncomfortable and that I basically have to torture them (baths and creams) when they are just getting to know us.

The second issue is they were housed together at the pet store and obviously here, but yesterday they got into a fight. Zuko's always been dominate, right from the start. He is very curious and brave. Aang is very sweet and calm. Well after the 2nd bath, I think it pushed Zuko over the edge! All the stress of the new house, new cage, new people, bathing, ect and he just snapped. I knew he was getting testy by his behavior (purring, butt wiggling) but then he just went at him. Aang ended up with a tuff of fur pulled out and a small scratch on his back from the fur pull. I separated them immediately. I tried to put them back together on neutral ground 3 hours later, but it only took a few min for Zuko to go at him. I i immediately intervened so no injury occurred. They've been separated for almost 24 hours now. After all the research I did yesterday (on this forum included), I got very depressed when I learned they may never get along! I can't return them (obviously I could never) and I don't have room (or $ for neutering) for 2 girls). I'm modifying the cage tonight to be able to separate them logically in the cage.

I've done extensive research on feeding and caging, so I know there are no problems there. There is 2 of everything and they have a very nice hay supply with fresh veggies daily (dandelion leaves 2) and a few sparingly rotated fruits.

So sorry for the long intro, but I've just got a lot going on with these two and would love the support.

I do have a quick question if anyone has some insight. From what I've read on the cages, they need to have a base of the min square footage. So I have 8 sq foot on the bottom and 8 sq foot on the top. I want them to be able to see each other, but that would require me to split the cage vertically instead of horizontally (4 sq foot base & 2nd level each). What should I do? Give them each an 8 sq foot level or two 4 sq foot levels so they can see each other. Zuko seems to be taking the seperation very well, seems very happy, but Aang keeps trying to find his way to Zuko.

PS - I suck at spelling *& edits would be to correct those!

Sorry you're having such a hard time, but welcome to the forum! Depending on their age, you might be able to reintroduce them after puberty settles down, around 1 1/2 yrs old. I hope someone with more boar experience can help you. Good luck!
Have you read (broken link removed) The introductions section is about halfway down. If you put them together in a cage that had anything that smelled like either one of them, that may have triggered the fight.

Eight square feet isn't much for boars. If you can, you could try expanding the bottom level of the cage and make the top level smaller. They need room to get out of each other's way, and the wide and squarer the cage, the better. Avoid any two-grid-wide passages that you can.
Petlovr, thanks for the welcome! I did read that it may be a hormone thing...I sure hope that fixes it! I will retry again for sure, but in a while.

bpatters, thanks for the reply, but I'm not if I understand (maybe i wasn't clear?) They have 8 sq foot on the bottom level (2x4ft) and 8 sq foot on the top (2x4ft), so 16 total. I only have 1 ramp going up to the top level. What I've done for now is put one on the top level and one on the bottom level so they each of 8 sq feet (2x4). I was wondering should I block it off the other way, 1/2 way down the middle so they each still have 8 sq feet but 4 on the bottom (2x2) and 4 on the top (2x2) (this would be so they can have the company of one another). From your wide and squarer answer, the 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom (2x2 each level) is obviously squarer, but not very wide at all so not much run room. I don't think I can go any squarer on the total footprint (2x4 now), I would have to come out to at least 3 feet deep, but I don't have the room right now. When we get our basement done, that is def an option and I will move in that direction.

Now that I read back on my post, I wasn't very clear on the layout since sq footage alone doesn't describe the shape...my bad...what can I say, I'm a newbie!

I based my sq footage calcs on the c&c cages site and think I must have glazed over the shape of the square footage layout.

Gosh, I'm long winded today.

Thanks for reading, it is much appreciated!

So my question to what you're saying, is 8 sq feet for 1 boar not enough?

On the cage thing...since the fungal outbreak, 1st thing I did when I got the diagnosis was put them in a separate container while I bleached EVERYTHING. Then rinsed, dried and put back together. Then I bathed them BOTH at the same time in a sink together because the vet said to let the med soak on them for 5 min. Then put them back in the (super clean) cage together. That was week 1. Week 2 I did the same exact thing since i was told to bathe them once a week (and obviously keep disinfecting the cage until they are fungal free) for a month and then once a a month afterwards. It was immediately after the second cage cleaning/bath that the fight broke out.

I mean Zuko's been purring at him a lot since I got him, but the strutting butt wiggling thing (not sure what you call that) started heavy about 15 min before the fight. Thank God their cage is right next to my desk, so I supervise them all day. Otherwise, had I not been home or watching, it could have been BAD.
oh, and i totally just read that link. Looks like I'm good on the space, 2x4 on each level, just now they can't see each other :-(

Can't wait to do 3x4 when our basement is finished!
Let me just say, welcome!, and I love their names! :D (big ATLA fan here)
I just introduced my two pairs of girls together, and at first it was rocky going, but they seem to enjoy each other's company now, so I would think there is hope for your two boys yet.
The butt wiggle-rumble is known as a rumble-strut ;)
Levels don't count for square footage, so no, don't split it down the middle. Keep one "upstairs" and one "downstairs". 8 square feet for each pig is good. If and when you reintroduce them, a cage that is more square is better than narrow and rectangular. 3 feet wide lets them walk past each other without infringing on each others space, whereas 2 ft wide makes them pass each other too close. Boars get territorial, so wider is better than longer. Does that make sense?
@petlover, yes, perfect sense. I will wait for re-introductions when I move them downstairs and can make the cage wider. It won't be done for months, so maybe their hormones will cool down by then too. I really hope that works!
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