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Greetings from the Midwest US


Cavy Slave
Jan 8, 2012
Hello! I just posted in another part of the forum, but then I saw that I could also introduce myself here too. I don't yet have a guinea pig but am potentially looking to adopt relatively soon. Even though I've had them before, it's been a little while, so I figured I could learn a bit before I jump in.

Anyone have favorite books/sites to recommend?
Welcome to the forum Lipo :) A lot of really good information that you will need is on this site and also https://www.guinealynx.com which is a really great site if you have medical issues with your pig. I would recommend you peruse the topics on both sites and get a good idea of how to prepare for adopting a guinea pig so you aren't overwhelmed.

Again, welcome to the forum!
Welcome! Read the information on the Home page of this site, and at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit. Also the "read me" sticky on the Diet and Nutrition forum here.

I'm glad you're considering adoption -- there are thousands of cute guinea pigs out there who have been surrendered for whatever reasons who need good homes. When you start looking, if you'll post the name of the city you live closest to, we'll help you look for one.
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