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Chewing GPs will not stop chewing on litterbox


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Oct 30, 2021
Hi, I'm getting a little desperate and I don't know what to do. I have three piggies, a neutered boar and two females, who live in a 122cm x 79cm cage (sorry I do not know how to convert). I've had them for little over half a year now, and I've expermiented a bit with liners and methods to keep the cage clean, and the best method by far is by providing them a litterbox that they can do most of their peeing in.

I have tried it several times, and every time it works great except for one thing

They won't stop chewing on it.

The litterbox I use is a plastic bin that my dad cut a hole into front and back, I cover the bottom with substrate and put some hay on top and change it every day.

The first problem was that Hades and Persephone would not stop chewing on the edge of the opening. This made a terrible sound (I am sound sensitive) and also, it seemed like they were eating it because I couldnt find any plastic bits on the floor. I tried getting them to stop by adding more hay even though they weren't out, or even putting vinegar on the edge so that they wouldnt wanna chew it, that worked for 30 seconds, but then they went right back to it.

I knew covering the edge with duct tape could be a solution as most piggies supposedly don't chew on it, but alas, Hades chews on tape, so every bit of tape in the cage have had to be covered up with cardboard strips (That Persephone chews on)

So what I did to fix this issue, was I took some fleece and glued it on really tight around the opening. It seemed to work for a few days, but then I saw them nibbling at that too. So I glued it down even tighter in hopes that they would not get the edge. It seemed to work, again, for a day or so.

But then, Aphrodite my third piggie, started chewing on it. She hadn't chewed on anything else she shouldn't before and it just really sent me over the edge.

I'll be honest, I lost it for a moment, I was feeling genuine despair. You might say; "well just don't have a litterbox" but I really want it to work. I'm the only person caring for them, and I am disabled and have a very limited energy budget, the easier it is to clean the better for me and the piggies, and the litterbox really makes cleanup so much easier, but I can't have them ingesting plastic or fabric and getting impacted either.

My current solution is that I have now glue cardboard strips over the edge of the fabric (stylish indeed) and while I know it will still be chewed on, it's at least not deadly for them. Is there any other way to stop piggies from chewing?

I have tried adding toys. Cardboard tubes, actual GP toys, chewing sticks from fruit trees, but it doesn't seem to work. Obviously, I can't give them a litterbox out of wood, because the pee would soak into it, but I've run out of ideas. I feel like I'm going crazy as well because when I try to search for help on the internet, everything tells me piggies don't like to chew plastic or tape, but mine still do, regardless if I give them other options. They have plenty of hay, both in a hay rack and in the litterbox itself. I just don't know what to do anymore. :sad:
First, your cage is barely large enough for two pigs, much less three. Crowding will cause all sorts of unwanted behaviors from litter box chewing to bar chewing to ear chewing. Putting additional toys in the cage just takes up room, and most guinea pigs won't play anyway.

The best thing you can do is enlarge the cage (double the size would be wonderful), and create a kitchen area with an easily changed litter in it. They'll pee and poop where they eat and sleep the most, so that will catch a lot of the output.
Hello, sorry for the late reply. This was the only thing I did not even concider, and honestly I felt despair when you told me this, because I didn't know if I could fix them a new cage as I don't have a lot of money and c&c is not avaliable in my country. I spent a few days mulling it over, and wondering if I would have to rehome them.

I did eventually figure out a solution- I saw someone had usd a bookshelf as a cage, and I found a bookshelf within my price range. They have now been in it for a week and a half, and I'm happy to announce tht the bigger size fixed the problem entirely. They are no longer chewing on the litterbox, and with the new cage there is no longer any tape/cardboard for them to chew on, but I bet they wouldn't touch that either. They seem a lot happier and have a lot more room to run around, so thank you so much for giving me this advice :)
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