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Diet GP chews Coroplast :(


New Member
Cavy Slave
Mar 26, 2012
i understand cardboard is okay for GP to chew
but he stands on his hind feet and
chews the coroplast.
I would think the plastic (covered cardboard) of the Coroplast would be bad for him. any experiences?
If he is actually consuming the plastic it is definitely not going to be good for him. I'm not sure how much or how often he has done this for but he may just be "giving it a taste test" and won't do it again. If you use fleece, I would just try taking the fleece and putting it over the coroplast so he doesn't have access to the coroplast to chew on :)
Mine chewed the coroplast a little when I first put them in the cage, but seem to have given it up in favor of chewing on the cage bars. :-( I'm not sure which is worse. But the coroplast didn't seem to hurt them. Maybe yours will quit when they figure out there's no taste to it.
Can you give him something else to chew on? Mine have wooden chews that they much prefer to munch on.
I trick I used to get my Big Sis' to stop chewing at her plastic tube ramp was this:

Get some diluted white Vingar and mix it 50/50 with plain old water. Take a cloth and dip it into the solution. Rub it around the areas your piggy chews.

It probably won't 100% stop her chewing, but it should deteriorate her wishing to. It has helped mine.
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