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Sad gotta play the hand you're dealt


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Nov 26, 2011
when i got my first 2 boys, i was sooo happy. i lOVED fussing with them, and making that C & C cage, and buying cutsey fleece. i fussed and fussed, and re-configured the cage a couple of times, sewed cozies by hand and made fleece forests. it was great. i read lots of posts here, and it just made me want more and bigger!! because i'm comfortable with medical stuff, figured i'd rescue a "special needs" guinea pig.
i could just picture all three boys, popcorning and running around my pretty cage, wheeking for their veggies. i couldn't wait to give another pig a good home.
but, you know, the best made plans of guinea pigs and people. . .
i brought the new pig home, and my two boys starting fighting. blood was drawn, and i pretty much had to separate them.
so, now, instead of one big happy family, i'm tending to bite marks on one, the impaction issues from the special needs pig i rescued, and the bully pig, looking lonely all by himself.
this hasn't gone the way i thought or the way i wanted. i'm just sad about it all. i know it'll be fine, we'll all settle in, and be happy in the end. i just wish it had gone differently. but, this is what's best for the piggies. i just needed to vent. i know most of the time rescues and adding to a family goes well, but sometimes it doesn't. but, guinea pigs are for life, and i'm sad, but that's ok for now. thanks for listening. i know i'm not the only one, and that you guys understand.
These things happen. Your a good mommy for trying and keeping it up. They may always be like this or they may grow out of it. Just keep strong. We all love our little guys and sometimes they like to make it hard for us. I am lucky as I have never had special need pigs, my pigs don't fight and I've had good luck with vet bills, but I have lost some pigs in the past and though it hurt I could never think about my life with out guinea pigs.
Sorry to hear things didn't go as you had hoped. Unfortunately when you're dealing with living, breathing beings we can't dictate what happens. They definitely have plans and personalities of their own.

I completely understand how you feel, but you got it right...Pets are for life, so you have to take care of them even if they decided to deviate from your plan. I know my trio sure did.

Try to take comfort in knowing that we are all here to support you in whatever help you need. (We all need a little help sometimes, even if it's just to vent)
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