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Ratties got some questions:) considering getting a pair of rats..


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Apr 2, 2012
i had a pair of rats when i was very little but my mum gave them away because i didnt look after them properly(they were bought for me when i was 6...i dont know how i could of been expected to look after them at that age!) but im considering adopting another pair...

anyway got a couple of questions...

i really like this cage... Newly-revamped Homemade Rat Cage! - Guinea Pig Cage Photos
how big would it need to be for 2?

am i best getting girls or boys?
my mum says boys smell more than girls, is this true?

is there anything i NEED to know(i know basic care)?

I'm not an expert with ratties -- just wanted to wish you luck with being able to get a pair. I'm hopeful that some day we'll be able to get a couple. They are so insanely cute!!
The cage looks fine. Just watch the bar spacing on it- rats can squeeze through small openings for C&C cages, unless covered with hardware cloth, aka chicken wire in some parts.
For the measurements, you can enter the measurements in this calculator to find out if it will be big enough: (broken link removed)
Male rats tend to be more laid back, but they also like to pee/mark everywhere. Females are more playful and active, but some tend to pee more than others. I personally prefer females as I like their softer coats and they are more entertaining to watch than my lazy boys.
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