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Water Got a new cage..Not drinking water??


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Jan 8, 2012
Hi all- we had a cage custom built for us by a friend who used to have guinea pigs. Not sure on the exact dimensions but it is well over 4 feet long by about 2.5 feet. We have an upper deck which is accessible by a ramp. We finally got all the fleece ready and put the pigs in on Sunday night. They are finally getting the hang of the ramp. We put all the food, water, hay, and a box of bedding up there for them and I figured that could be their "kitchen" area. They are responding well to it all but I have noticed that they are not drinking out of their water bottle! We had to get a new one because of the shape of our old one (it was not the kind you attach to the outside with an angled spout), but I know it works, and I know they know where it is- I have seen each of them get water out of it. They get water on their veggies, but that is about it. We are going to install the old water bottle on the bottom floor once we get ahold of the proper tools. Can anyone think of any reason why they would not be drinking water out of their new bottle?
I don't know why, but my Rosie didn't care for her new water bottle, either. Wish I hadn't bothered to spend the money on the fancy new one! She prefers the old one. Maybe it smells like her? Maybe it still smells like the dishwashing detergent I cleaned it with??

As long as she's drinking, I figure she gets to choose which bottle.
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