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C&C Goodbye Useless Appendix, Hello New C&C Layout


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Jan 9, 2012
I'll start off by saying that my newer set-up for the cages probably isn't the best option, but my creative cage making skills are limited. Begin long-winded, possibly most boring cage-building story ever:

With Rictor's upcoming neutering and possibility to live with Cara, I had to rearrange the layout of the "guinea pig room" to fit another cage somewhere. I contemplated taking out the spare bed that is used pretty much like a couch, stacking cages, cages with lofts, etc. Many plans go through my brain- few of which ever come into fruition.
Tuesday I took everybody out of their C&C's and moved the coroplast bases into different rooms, then dismantled the grids. That alone took me a few hours because it was timed with cleaning everyone's fleece and whatnot. I already had plans to pick up another sheet of coroplast Wednesday night and would be able to score and size it before going to bed to be ready for the re-build.

Well, Wednesday evening I started to get my oh-so-familiar stomach cramps I had been getting probably about once a week or so since February. They always start off slow but become quite debilitating within a few hours. I have been in school and at one of my last externships since March so I'd just been pushing through the pain until it subsided [which it always had after about 12 hours]. My bf and I went to pick up the coroplast, hung out with my rescue friend for a bit, and then headed home. The abdominal aches got worse, like they always had, and I spent the night on the bathroom floor whining in the fetal position like I always had.

By the time Thursday morning had come, it was obvious that I wasn't going to complete the cages due to the severe pain and lack of time from me lying on the floor for so long. The aches and cramps were worse Thursday morning than they had ever been and I had gotten sick a few times, which just made me feel more terrible.
Around 4 pm, almost 24 hours since the aching had begun, I decided that since I finished my first externship/ fieldwork last week that I had time to go to the doctor. [I know, I'm a regular guy- Wait til the last minute or always have an excuse to put off seeing a medical professional] I put some clothes on and tried walking to the stairs but the pain was so unbearable I thought I was going to pass out. I thought it in my best interest to call 911 this time just to make sure since I was home alone by now.

Got to the hospital around 5 pm, sat on a bed in the ER for at least 2 hours writhing in pain in the hallways while the doctors saw gunshot victims, car accident patients and people complaining of wrist pain. Once an attendant came up to me, he poked my lower abdomen a bit and said I was probably constipated [which I had originally thought was the reason for everything- and not kind of laxative had been working]. They ordered an x-ray just to make sure but didn't see any kind of blockage. At 8 pm they sent me for a CT scan and after waiting an hour for the doctor to read it, someone finally walked up to me and said, "Have you ever heard of appendicitis?" I reply with a "Yes" and he goes, "Good, your doctor will be here in a minute to talk to you." and walks away. WTF? Do I HAVE appendicitis or something? I sit there for another 20 minutes- still sitting on a bed in the middle of the ER hallway- and a surgeon walks up to me and says, "Geez, how long have you had this appendicitis? We're gonna try to take it out tonight. Your doctor talk to you already? No? Oh. . . Well yeah, that's what's up with your pains in your lower right quadrant."
He proceeds to describe an operation they perform to remove an appendix and tells me again and again how they aren't many complications. All the while, my supposed [doctor] hasn't even seen me since my first x-ray. A few minutes later another surgeon walks towards me with the doctor and they reiterate what's going on. . .

Apparently my appendix has been slowly leaking out into my abdomen and that's what was causing the severe pains. An infection is all in my intestines which is causing the constipation- and more pain. So at 10 pm Thursday night they take me to the OR and perform the procedure to remove my appendix laproscopically. I woke up at 1:55 am Friday morning without the cramping, deep pain but rather a muscle surface pain from 3 incisions on my stomach and moved-around insides.

After being moved into a regular room and doctors visiting me about every 20 minutes until 7 am, I was told that if I keep down my breakfast and lunch and am able to get up and be active for a little bit, I could go home later on Friday. Needless to say, I did my usual push-myself-so-hard-I-almost-ruined-everything routine and nearly passed out the first time walking to the restroom by myself. I ate the breakfast and the took out the IV antibiotics, switching me to oral antibiotics [that I have to take for the next 2 months btw, bleh, stupid intestinal infection]. I got up, walked around, watched the dearly missed HGTV and someone came in at 10 asking if I just wanted to leave right then.
I of course said yes and was brought the discharge papers and walked the heck out of that place.

Yesterday I was in quite a bit of pain, though all of the doctors that came in to see me kept repeating how much of a high pain tolerance I must have in order to have dealt with what was going on inside my body [my white blood cell count was also double the usual number- way to go good immune system to keeping the infection localized!]. I didn't do much of anything but Edward[ the boy that likes to think we have a stable relationship] got upset that one guinea pig in in the dining room, one is in the living room, 2 are in his piano room, 2 are in our bedroom, and zero are in the guinea pig room.

So today I pushed myself-harder than I probably should have- to piece together grids in order to be able to bring the 2 existing cages back in. I'm not allowed to lift more than 5 lbs for the first 3 days, then my precautions are no lifting more than 15 lbs, no bending, stretching, twisting at the waist for a month.
Well with the initial limit, I'm unable to complete the task set for me by the do-nothing, live-in boyfriend, so he'll have to actually help with putting everything back into the room tomorrow.

But as of now,
84 grids,
96 connectors,
and 247 zip-ties later:
My pigs will have 2 2x5s and a 3x4 to live in. 6 pigs, 3 C&C's, 1 big family.

*without the bottoms in, any kind of picture just looked like a heap of grids and I was unable to discern differences between walls and floors. so PICTURES to come- hopefully tomorrow!!*
wow! take care of yourself!!
Thank you for the support! I've been trying to "take it easy" but that's just not in my nature.
My appendix was a little more than double the size of what it was supposed to be, so they said it could have burst any time and were glad I came in when I did.

And decent news! I might actually get some assistance in putting the coroplast bottoms back into the grids I put together yesterday! I never thought the day would come when he says "Yes" to me asking him for help. Lol
UGH sounds like a crazy time; glad it is turning out OK and your bf is pitching in! Good thing you finally went in, next time do not let your manliness cloud your judgment :D (jk)!
Haha, Thanks @kananaka. I've always been one of those "Oh, it'll pass" kind of people and since getting into the medical field and NOT having health insurance during college, it's been even worse. Dehydration, bronchitic, and now appendicitis.
ugh, I know how you feel. I do not have insurance. It totally sucks! Luckily I found a clinic that does appointments for $40, so health care is a little more affordable atm, cause before that it was $100 to be seen :sad:. How much longer do you have in school?
Well to get the degree to become an occupational therapy assistant, 12 more weeks.

BUT. I'm in one of those positions that I enjoy doing work as a OTA, but it's something my mother picked for me. And it's been a struggle the last few months to bring up the conversation "I want to go back to school for something I actually love. . ." So I'm not sure atm how much longer, fingers crossed a few more years? Lol I'm only 21 and it'll be great to have a degree and be able to get a higher paying job once certified, but I'm hoping it will allow me the opportunity and finances to support myself to embark on my own endevours.
I feel for you......Quite a few years back, I had a pain in my side that got progressively worse. I finally woke up in the middle of the night and decided at that point that I was at my pain threshold. I called the ER to ask if they thought I might have appendicitis and they told me to call 9-11. I got off and went online to look up symptoms. I was sure that's what it was. I woke my husband and kids (they were young at the time) and we went to ER. The first thing they asked me was, on a scale of 1 to 10, what was the pain. I said 8....big mistake. (If you don't say a 10, you end up waiting.) I went in around 10:30 and no one even saw me until around 2:00. By that time, I was throwing up all over. They took me in and I could hear them talking to someone who had cramps. She had priority over me... I was so pissed!!! When they finally came in, the ordered the CT scan and it after waiting a couple more hours, they told me I had a kidney stone. They gave me a Vicodin injection which completely knocked me out and told me to watch to see if I passed it and collect it to do an analysis. Yeah.... right..... I got out of there around 4:30 a.m. I finally passed it about a week later. After that whole ordeal, I never wait to take a guinea pig in for treatment when I suspect a UTI or stones. The pain was the WORST pain I ever experienced in my life.....I hope you're feeling back to normal soon. I'd imagine that appendicitis is even worse than stones since you end up having surgery.
The first thing they asked me was, on a scale of 1 to 10, what was the pain. I said 8....big mistake. (If you don't say a 10, you end up waiting.)

I made the same mistake of saying 8-9. Nurse asks, "What is your pain rating? 10?" and I go, "Like- 8-9?" and she writes it down as she's walking away. A woman who came in screaming that her wrist was broken and limp and complaining of 10 out of 10 pain was in and out before I had even seen a doctor. She even got an actual room! I literally sat in the hallway on a bed for 5 hours before they started prepping me for surgery.

"I'm sorry i have a higher pain tolerance than this crazy lady who sprained her wrist, doctor, but I believe my appendix is leaking into my abdomen. . ."
[And yes, the woman's wrist was sprained. That's it.]
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