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Good site to order cozies and hideys?


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Oct 26, 2011
I've been looking for a good site with cozies and hideys made out of fabric/fleece to get for my piggies for their christmas! But I've had no luck so far! any help?
piggybedspreads is great! Pretty good prices too
I saw those and they are pretty nice but a little bit more than I can afford right now since I am now unemployed since I just moved from South Dakota to Louisiana :/
Maybe check out etsy.com The cozies I've seen there aren't much money.
Here are some sites to consider, but I have not bought from them, just want to myself:
I love the last one cause they are soo creative, but its not in the US so i dunno about the cost. The only website I bought from is piggybedspreads.com.
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(broken link removed),
OMG! Thank you @Onetwo and @Kelly91513!!! These are amazing and lots of variety! My piggies are gonna b super excited! the only reason I cant afford expensive one is because I have ten piggies and none of them like sharing hideys/beds :p
I order my fleece liners and other little cozy things for the pigs from here! (broken link removed)

I also love Jens Custom Crafts and Windespirit. Hopefully I can order some things when CozyCavy comes back into business! :)
I know right. I have 4 piggies and they share, grudgenly. Hehe I could see how that could get VERY expensive. Also have you seen this:


and her website:

(broken link removed)

She lives on the other side of the pond so some of the stuff she uses is hardish to find here BUT it gives you some great ideas on what to look for/find/do. She has FAB ideas!!!
House for Chinchillas, Guinea pigs, Ferrets, Rats, Degus
Handmade small animal items for your pampered by Piggiepigpigs
Small Animal Accessories and Quality Handknits by CobbCabinCrafts
Cavy Comforts Cuddly Goodies for You & Your Cavy by CavyComforts
I have recently purchased hidey tunnels and bags from the above
shops. I Would highly recommend! My boys especially love the tunnels from Cobb cabin and the tents from cavycomforts.

You can also look at this previous thread. There is an excellent list of things that you can easily make from home inexpensively.

This is a really handy thread.
I’d also like to throw in Rochelle and Michelle at AZ Crafty Crew.

They do custom orders (mine’s in the process right now) and are unbelievably helpful.

Here’s the website

(broken link removed)

Here’s the Facebook Page

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