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good hay


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Cavy Slave
Dec 29, 2004
Where can I get good hay online?
The best hay is (to me) Kleenmama's hay.

(broken link removed)

And Oxbow is pretty good too, though my pigs definately prefer Klennmama.

I buy mines in the pet store because shipping to hawaii cost a fortune!
Maybe there is a few hay fields near you? If so grass hay is a good choice. It is much more economical that buying hay from OXBOW. Or possibly there is a feed store near you?
Yes but they wont get second cut for four weeks so I just wanted a temporary fix.
What's wrong with 3rd cut? I ordered third cut..

If you need a temp. fix, just get bluegrass hay. Or Oxbow's Orchard Grass.
Already got some oxbow enough for a month.
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