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Good afternoon everyone :)


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Dec 3, 2011
Hello everyone! I just got my baby four days ago, this is my first guinea pig,
actually my first pet :). I am already so attached to her that she is all I can think
about. My husband named her Capone. I think when he was bringing her home
since it is so cold outside that she got a little cold. She has been sneezing
frequently and has been waking up with little crusties around her nose. I took her
to the vet yesterday and they said she might just be starting to get a URI :(.
I read up a lot on it and it's really quite scary. I just hope she is okay. They
prescirbed her Orbax orally once a day for ten days. Has anyone ever heard of it
or has their guinea pig had the same thing? If so I would leave to hear how
long it took for them to get better and if there was some complications. Sorry
to just ramble on! I'm new to this and very much in love with my new pet!
Welcome LoveCapone! You will find all you need here for everything piggie. In the medical thread section you will read alot about URI's. You can post there for medical help also.
There is also a medical website many of us use. It is guinealynx.com

Take the time to read threw all of the many threads for new piggie owners. They will help with feeding, the cage in which to house your cutie. Adopting a friend. Etc.
Feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here for you. Again Welcome!
Thank you very much!
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