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Veg*n going veggie....help?


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Nov 4, 2004
I am a complete and total animal lover! Since I was about 6 years old I was known by my friends as "the girl who was obsessed with dogs". My true love started there, after my family and I rescued my best friend , Oreo, from a local pound. He is a black labrador-australian shepherd mix and he brought me into the "animal world". After that day we started "collecting" more and more animals in our house like birds, rabbits(many, many, rabbits)more dogs, fish, snakes, turtles, hamsters, and much much more. One day my mom was talking to one of her friends about my love of animals and my mom's friend asked me if I was a veggie. My mom said no quickly, she knew if she got that idea in my head i was never letting go of it. And, of course, she was right. I have been a "half" veggie since I was 12. My problem is my mom let me give up red meat but not chicken. She said its too difficult to feed me with out "going out of her way" and making me something special. If there are any other teenage vegitarians here please help with any Yummy ideas for a good veggie meal. Then, maybe then I can finally give up chicken!

Thanks for all your help!
If she won't go out of her way to make you something special then you cook that part of the meal. Like if she is cooking chicken go and cook yourself a veggie burger or vegetarian something to replace the chicken. Do that when she is fixing dinner. Or just don't eat the meat/poultry she fixes and find another source of protein to eat.
Thank you! I just did a serious online surf of all the veggie options! I found out what I am trying to be is a lacto vegetarian. Now, my next question is what are some good dinner options(trying to think out of the box away from the veggie burgers) that are enjoyable? I know I'm being a little bit difficultand I'm very sorry for that but I cannot get very clear answers from other message boards and forums! Thank you so much again!
There is fake meat that are made out of soy that are pretty good. They do taste like the real things too. There is tofu. What other stuff are you looking for? Like protein filled stuff or what?
Soya is nice, kind of tastes like meat... but kind of doesn't. We have quorn over here, not sure if you have it. You get qourn mince, chicken peices, sausage etc. So I usually make quorn lasagne or quorn stir fry.
Thanks, I've looked up some more Ideas....thanks!
Boca sells a whole line of products that are yummy. I've found their products to be tasty, for the most part (of course I won't like everything--sadly the lasagna wasn't too great though that's my favorite food :( ). See for yourself at www.bocaburger.com. There are great recipes at (broken link removed) too. Good luck, and stick with it!
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