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Going to the restroom in food bowl.


Cavy Slave
May 26, 2005
Hello, my guinea pig is going to the bathroom in his food dish. Can anyone tell me why he might be doing this or how i can keep him from doing this?
I was wondering about this too, although mine appear to be dropping their poo in the dish and not actually sitting in it.
Perhaps your dish is too big? Many piggies like to sit right in it and eat if there is room. Most of the pigs here just put their feet on the edge and eat out of it.
Having a hanging crock is another option.
I know they can't fit in their food dishes, so I don't know how the poo gets in there unless they carry it in their mouth. They always eat with their front feet up on the side of their dish, that way they can also see over the coroplast and at me as I sit and type on the pc. It's pretty cute although I feel like I am being watched constantly, which I think I am. :)
They probably kick it in there. Mine do along with bedding.
I've only had this problem with babies. It makes the food bowl so stinky, its discusting.. how old are they? My babies aways grow out of it.
They are 6-8 months old now. I'm not particularly fond of scrubbing dried poo off a food dish either, especially around the rim. Silly piggies!
He pees in the bowl. Not just poop.
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