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Glad to finally join!


Cavy Slave
Apr 20, 2012
Hi Everyone!
My name is Maddie and I have a guinea pig named Ella. I got her in February 2009. I found this website shortly after and was so excited to make her a C&C cage. I'm not sure why I never signed up for the forum, but I'm glad I finally did.
I really love all animals. In addition to Ella, I have a doberman, cat, & a pair of leopard geckos. The dog (Killer) and cat (Evan) have really bonded with Ella. Killer makes stops by her cage on his way out to give her kisses. She always sticks her head out the cage and kisses back. And Evan and Ella like to lounge on the couch together.
There is definitely a special place in my heart for Ella. I've always been a cat person mostly, but now I'm a guinea pig person too and I am excited to get acquainted with other quinea pig owners.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Glad to finally join! [GuineaPigCages.com] Glad to finally join! [GuineaPigCages.com] Glad to finally join!
Hello and welcome! You have some very cute pets!
Hello and welcome!
Hello, Welcome finally officially to the forum
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