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Giovanni is Finally Getting Neutered (This Tuesday)


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Jul 31, 2007
Well, many of you know my long tale :). I got Gio from a petstore ( my 2nd petstore piggy) and was told he was a girl. Soon after, Dolce was preggers. So, off Gio went to live alone. Dolce had a litter of three, one survived --we kept her (Cali).

So, we have intended for about 6 months to get Gio neutered. I --being a worried and nervous piggie mom-- have been admittedly putting it off. But I made the phone call to our exotics vet, it's done. The surgery is Tueday morning...that is in 4 days.

I'm SO nervous guys. I need some encouragement and some advice here!

My vet is highly recommended by both the Guinea pig AND rattie rescues in the state ( I'm in AZ--Vet is Dr. Driggers).

He will have a wellness exam/checkup, the morning OF surgery. This makes me a teencie bit nervous. I want to be sure he is FIT for the surgery. But everyone recommends him. So, what do YOU think??

Also, what preperations need to be made for him? I will drop him off in the morning, go to work (9:30-11:30) pick him up when the surgery is over, but I'm supposed to go back to work at 3 till 5 ( I work with autistic boys, in their home. So, would keeping Gio with me in a carrier, someplace dark and quiet while a work with the boys a good idea? Or should I bring him home? Would he be ok on his own for a few hours?).

I have done some reading on the GL site, but I'm not sure how long to expect for healing. Also, should I request a painkiller ( Am I correct in thinking Bactrim for an AB, and Metacam for a PK? ) I'm not sure if he normaly prescribes an AB and a PK.

Does he need me to feed him Critical Care for a few hours? Or should he do alright on his own?

I have a small animal carried ( small dog crate, smaller than a petstore cage probably ) to keep him in after the surgery. How long does he need to stay in such a confined space?

Any advice would be great guys--I'm nervous because my director at the Guinea Pig rescue I work with told me we don't do neuters normally because of the high mortality rate :eek:hmy:. That makes me nervous. But Gio is unhappy living alone. He talks to the girls all the time and if he smells them or sees them he goes nuts. And then we put him in his cage and he sits in his Pigloo, poor Gio.

So, I hope I'm doing the right thing....

Heidi I feel for you right now. I will be in the same situation in about 2 more weeks. I have to make the decision of rehoming my boy, getting him nuetered, or rescuing a cage mate for him to live with seperately.

Of course the easiest for me would be to neuter him and that is what I am leaning towards, but I am feeling guilty for wanting to do that!

I wish I could help answer your question, but I still have to find out all the facts myself.

Good Luck! You are a brave person!
I don't have any advice. I have a house full of girls and a boy that came to me neutered. I just wanted to wish you luck. It sounds like you have a good vet. The only thing I know for sure is to give him 3weeks to recover and make sure he's sterile before introducing him to the girls. Good luck.
I am so excited for Gio! He is finally going to be able to live with the girls; I bet he will be happy after the 3 weeks are up. Don’t worry so much, if this vet is highly recommended, I am sure everything will be fine. Did you have a chance to ask about their success rate and what type of anesthetic they use? There is a page around here somewhere on the proper questions to ask when considering doing a neuter.
I would either ask for the day off, or pick him up after you are done with work completely. You should have the whole day to watch him to make sure he is alright. Taking him to a new place with new smells might stress him out. Do you have someone that could watch him while you are working? It should be alright for him for a few hours, but it would be better for someone to be there observing, just in case.
Critical care shouldn’t be needed, but it is good to have it on hand in case he doesn’t start eating afterward. Basically, just weigh him daily for the three weeks afterward and make sure he is drinking/eating regularly. I believe it is normal for them to not eat much the day of/after the surgery.
The day is here!! --

I dropped Gio off at 8 a.m.

I got a call at about 11:20 saying that Gio did wonderfully and that I can pick him up at 1 p.m. I'm so excited to go get my baby!

I have never not had him in my possesion. Its scary trusting someone else with you pets!

Well, if not already prescribed I will request AB's (Baytril?) because I'm nervous and want to make sure NOTHING can hinder his healing. Also, what is your stance on pain meds? Should I get some Metacam for him (is this the right med I'm thinking of?)?

I may have the afternoon off from work (I work with autistic children and my two boys are having a terrible day. I think they got bit by the grumpy bug. One of them kicked a hole in the wall during P.E. at school and was sent home *sigh* and he has been doing SO great.) So I can keep an eye on him.

Any advice about the AB's and PK's (painkillers) would be spectacular.

Do you suggest them? Wait and see how he does? Whatcha think??
We give pain meds to all boars that we have neutered (and we try to neuter every boar in our rescue, barring medical problems). We find that some tend to chew themselves quite badly without pain meds, and they certainly don't hurt.

We usually do Bactrim for ABs and Metacam for pain meds.
Bactrim! That's it :) Thank you.

I will see what the vet says and I'll ask him about getting the Metacam and Bactrim if he doesn't prescribe it.

Thanks Jennicat!
I happy to report that Giovanni's surgery went very well.

Dr. Driggers prescribed Bactrim and Metacam, without my request, which I was very impressed with.

Also, Gio is currently munching on his yummy Oxbow hay, a good sign that my boy is doing well.

I will be watching closely for any swelling or reddness (signs of infection/absessing) but as of right now, I
my glad to have my boy home.

Thanks for all your support!
That sounds awesome, hooray for Giovanni!
Yay! So glad he made it through safely!
Brave little boy! I'm so glad he's doing well. I suppose "Supertuesday" has a different meaning to you now.
I'm SO glad his surgery went well!!! We don't often get pigs neutered at the rescue. I'm sure your boy will be healed up in no time! :)

btw I think it's great that you work with autistic children. That is a job that I would like to do.
Well thanks everyone again --

I was really nervous about today. I'm still a little worried, and I have Giovanni's carrier on my bed next to me so I can watch his food/water intake/out take :)

He just had his second dose of Bactrim today. Good little piggie, he just took it like a trooper. I carefully took him out and wrapped him in a hand towel, thinking I would have to fight him a bit. But her just sat there. I put the syringe in his mouth, pushed, and after some "nom nom nom...bleck" he was done. No spitting out or drooling. He was a perfect little soldier.

I'll keep an eye on him to determine if he needs anymore Metacam. He had an injection post-surgery, but the vet said I can dminister more if he seems to be in pain this evening. I think he might get half a dose just so he can be comfortable during the night. But thats still TBD.

I'll keep you updated!

-- He gets his sutures removed in 7-10 days.
I am so glad he did so well with the surgery. It sounds like you are doing all the right things for him. Are you prepared for handfeeding just in case you need to? Hopefully it won't be necessary, but it's best to be prepared. Please keep us updated on his progress!
So far he is eating like his normal self, Clotho. Do you think I should get some Critical Care just in case? He seems to be doing well so far.

I know you can order online, but if I need it fast, where can I get it other than to order?
Critical care has an expiry date on it, so it is up to you if you buy some "just in case." You should be able to get it from your vet - so ask them to make sure they have it on hand so you can get it quickly if needed. You can always make up a pellet mash to use in the meantime (like if you need it on a Sunday and the vet is closed for example).

Ever since my Cookie (may she RIP) was sick around Christmastime, I make certain I have critical care on hand just in case. I never ever want to get caught unprepared again. It doesn't expire for like a year, so I figured it was a good investment. I keep it in the freezer. I also froze pedialyte into ice cubes and have them in the freezer too - just in case.
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