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Behavior Get another piggy? Bond more? What can help me?


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Dec 5, 2011
Hey everyone. I've stumbled across this site a few times and decided i should join so i can ask you other piggy parents my questions! I'm a relatively new piggy mom and i found my piggy at a shelter. His name is Rhino and he's a silly little bugger, he's 2 years old now. The problem is, i don't think his last owner paid any attention to him and handling him is difficult. Holding? nearly impossible. But i can pet him on his own terms or if he's munching down on his daily veggies. I get kind of afraid that he'll never like me. He was injured recently (ulceration in his eye) and i've had to put medicine in it, which likely doesnt help the situation considering i have to hold a pig that doesn't like to be held to apply medicine that he hates. But i've been reading in certain places that maybe getting another piggy would help calm him down and make him feel more secure (since they're herd animals). But when i adopted him he was alone and i have no idea if he's been with other piggies. And i've also read that it just takes time... but with this medicine i just feel like i'll always be the bad guy in his eyes. He gets lots of time to run around outside of his cage, and in order to get him back in peacefully we've taught him to go in his igloo (holding it upsidown so its like a bowl) to put him back in. I just feel so bad when he gets stressed out when i have to catch him and i just don't know what to do. would another pig help?

sorry if this is confusing i'm just trying to get my feelings out here and get some help and advice. if i'm doing something wrong please tell me! i'm just new at this and like i said i just want to be the best mom i can be.:sorry:
hi, i can't help but i'm interested to see what people say.. I too have a lone older pig..and would like him to have a friend:)..thats not human..as well as be happy with me..cute lil suckers:)
Has his eye healed or not? I wouldn't bring another guinea in if he's still on the mend. His injury is stressful enough and another guinea pig might pick on him with the eye injury.
Hi and welcome! A few things you might try is feeding him while he's on your lap, having lap time during the time of day that he sleepy and having something over him during lap time, tike an old towel. One of my new guys has been a loner piggy for over 3 years but seems to like being with the other 3 guys. They all met this weekend so it's still a little rocky but I think they are doing great. I've read that older boars do better with a younger piggy. If you do decide to adopt another piggy please double or triple check that it is a boy! I just got little Winston because he wasn't the she they thought they had. We would love to see a picture of Rhino if possible.
Welcome! If picking him up to take him out of his cage is stressful. Take a cardboard box and have him run into it and then lift him out of the cage. I just read he goes into his igloo to go back into the cage. Couldn't he go into his igloo to come out of the cage also?
Plus giving a treat after he gets his eye meds might make him feel better.
That's definately a great point Pinky! His eye isn't fully healed yet and it probably would be stressful to have another piggy about if you only have one good eye. Maybe after it heals fully? and even then, will it help or harm my situation?

Hhbean, I did that tonight with his salad and he definately felt comfortable with me petting him (i assume, since he just kept munching on his food and not saying anything about it). I nabbed a picture of him before he started running around my room as he was eating the food he decided to spill all over... i dunno i guess i missed the memo that food tastes better off the floor? lol. Heavier bowl likely required. And i definately will check! i dont need mini Rhinos running around. What is the best way that (after his eye is healed, and assuming i decide to get another) i can help give a better chance that they will get along? do opposite personalities work together better or similar personalities? Also, what's considered an older boar and a younger boar? which does my little Rhino fall under?

Get another piggy? Bond more? What can help me?
suizlovespiggie, i guess i forgot to mention that he does go into it to come out as well. But when he's out running and needs the eye med, i have to try to catch him or use the igloo. but with the igloo being a safe place i don't want him to think of it as negative when he gets in. He also does get treats after but its still one of those "mom i hate you right now!" moments. He's also very whiney when being held or touched, i'm assuming its just his way of saying leave me alone? but if he's being whiney he doesn't chatter his teeth... he just seems like he's.... complaining? i'm not so sure about all the noises he makes yet. i know the noises he makes when running around popcorning are happy and teeth chattering is upset but piggies are harder for me to understand than dogs (which is what i'm used to).
My guys talk a lot during lap time but it's very low and Huey is even stretched out all relaxed, so I figured that's just their regular noise. I don't have any idea how to determine if piggies would be able to live together. I just put all my boys together this weekend. they aren't best friends but they aren't killing each other either. I do know you need to have a big cage for boys to live in harmony but that's all I know! Rhino is adorable by the way!
Use a shoe box to catch him instead of his igloo. Cut holes in the ends, shoo him in the box, put your hands over the ends, and lift the box out.
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