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General thought's on kids & chores?


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Feb 2, 2005
Hi guy's.
I'm trying to get an idea of how much chores your kids do, what jobs exactly they have to do, ages and how much they are paid for it,
Thanks in advance.
My kids are twelve and fifteen. They're responsible for their own rooms, their bathroom, and for helping with dinner, clearing the table, putting away laundry, and helping out on housework days (picking up, dusting, cleaning glass and mirrors, so on.) All three of us sweep constantly (because of the pigs) and the girls take out the trash, usually when asked but sometimes because they notice it. They help with the yard on yard days, mowing or raking or hosing down the porch.

I don't pay them. Nobody pays me to do it either. It takes a certain amount of work to run a household, and the household belongs to all of us. They get spending money, gifts, or entertainment money whenever I have it to give, but we all live without a lot of extras, and the workload stays the same!

I guess I'm not much in favor of paying kids for housework, but I know it does work well in some families.
I'm 17 and I do everything (Dishes, dusting, vaccuming, cooking) -- not because I'm asked to but because when you're in a family situation everyone needs to pull their weight. My Dad puts a roof over my head, feeds me and gives me clothes and a car, isn't that enough?
My parents used to pay me for dishes, cleaning my room, and getting good scores, 10.00 a week. But then when I went to college, I had saved about half the money I earned towards college. Now, I'm 19, still live with my parents, and just do things when I'm not told too. I don't get paid but as Strangekat said, I get clothes, food, a car, etc. That'd enough for me.
I never was paid for chores when I was a kid, but I did get paid for washing and detailing cars for my step dad. I received $3.00 a wash, $5.00 for a wash and wax and about $10 for detailing the Cobra's for shows or customers.

When I was 16 I lived on my own, so I had to do all the house work in exchanage for living in a decently clean place :p
I was never paid for chores either. My mom was, still is, a neat freak, so no matter what I did, she came behind me and cleaned it again. :D They gave me enough throughout the years that there was just no reason to pay me for chores.
I am trying to get my 6 year old to be responsible for cleaning his own room as well as putting his clothes away. I am slowly making progress. What else should he be doing? I also do not pay him for this. He gets enough toys as it is! However, when he wants to earn some money, I try to find extra things for him to do.
I'm with everyone else on this one. I have 2 kids (10 and 7) and neither of them get paid for chores. They are expected to help pull their weight in the family.

Like A4PigHome said I find extra chores for the kids to do if they want money. Or I have them help me with our home business and pay them like employees for it.

Some parents I know give their kids an allowance based on their age. For example if I was to do it, every week I would give my 7 year old $7 and my 10 year old $10. That seems extreme to me I would half it any do $3.50 for the 7 and $5 for the 10 year old.

If my kids are resistant to doing their chores I won't fight with them about it. The rule is that there is no T.V., computer, fun stuff... until the chores are done.

Don't equate pay with household chores. You don't get paid as an adult to keep your own home clean so why get paid as a kid? I equate money with extras...like raking after I mow the lawn, helping clean my workroom, packing orders to ship out.
My kids 5, 7 and 9 have to clean their rooms, put away clothes, straighten the family room, etc. because they are part of the family and have to do their share. We do pay them small amounts of money for pulling weeds, helping to wash the cars..the extra stuff. The reason is that I would pull the weeds anyway, if they choose to help they get a dollar or two which adds up over time and lets them buy things- toys, etc. that they want at the store. That way, they aren't always asking me to buy them things, they have to save their money.

Added idea: This summer we have started something different for 'time out'. We now make them run laps around the house. They get exercise, they get the wiggles out and they try to behave better so they don't have to run as many laps :). They are all on the hyperactive side and sitting still in time out was not productive.
I dont get payed for doing chores, I do occasionally get a 5$ allowence put straight onto my bank account though. I care for all the pets myself; 2 dogs, 2 cats and the pig. Walking them(3 times a day!), cleaning the cage and litter box, grooming, feeding etc.

I also vacuum most of the house. I do the dishes, I wipe down the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. I mow the lawn and care for the garden. I keep my room clean and presentable. I'm always straightening out the livingroom and familyroom(pillows, cushions, quilts, magazines, remotes etc. etc.). Sometimes I fold and sort the laundry too.
When I was a kid I had certain chores I had to do, such as vacuuming, dusting, laundry, cleaning my room and bathroom, etc. However, if there was something I wanted to buy and needed money for, I could ask my mom to find me something to do she would pay me for. Like, she would pay me $5 to bleach the cabinets in the kitchen. I also babysat until I was old enough to get a job.
I am 17 and I don't live with my parents, but with my grandparents. I do all my cleaning, cooking, laundry, and I pay for almost everything with the money from my job. My parents help out some, but not much. I don't get paid for anything except extra stuff, like cleaning the sheds or sweeping the basement.
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My son is 5 years old and he helps with feeding all of our animals. He also has to pick up after himself. I do help him with his room. He does not get paid for anything. However if we have a couple dollars laying around here and there he gets it.

By the way, I'm very impressed by those who said that being taken care of by their parents was enough and they didn't expect more. That is how it was for me growing up too. I get tired of seeing and hearing about kids that just expect things and take for granted what they have. So kudos to all of you.
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I don't think that you should get paid for chores - I don't and never have. I'm 16 and on weekends I clean the house, help with the cooking and clean the pigs cage. Now that it's the summer holidays, I've been cooking nearly everyday. I don't mind - keeps me occupied for a bit! Although now my nails have been stained with tumeric! But with my family, it is expected for the girl to do the work because of my parents cultural background. I really don't mind, it's not like my parents expect everything to be done by me. During the week, when I go to school, they don't ask me to do anything. My brother does zilch.
When I was growing up, my main chores were to do the family's laundry and to clean the bathroom. I was also told to do other little things once in a while. I HATED doing chores and up until the day I left home, my parents and I would fight about it. I was just a lazy kid, and I hated doing it. I didn't realize why until I left, but I just hated cleaning up after the rest of my family. I have no problem now when I know something has to be done. (My home life was a complicated story, and I won't go into it.)
We also had a few pets when we were growing up, and I hate to admit it, but we were one of THOSE families, with the poor pet in a little cage that nobody played with. It's really sad, now when I think back.
I love my gp's though. I'm obsessed and I spoil them rotten! I could never NOT give them the TLC they deserve. They're my babies, and sometimes I think my fiance gets jealous that I spend so much time with them. (Maybe if he didn't spend so much time playing video games...*cough*...ahem)
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I'm 16 and I do my bit around the house. I don't get paid for my chores; I get £50 a month 'pocket money' and I buy my own toiletries, piggy stuff etc. myself using that money. I'm 100% responsible for my piggies (cleaning, feeding, health-checks, grooming...), and I always keep my room clean and tidy.

Each day I'll do a bit of washing the dishes and hoovering, and I'll tidy the downstairs each morning. When it comes to moving house, I'm completely in charge of my own packing.

I don't cook very often (although I did yesterday and, surprise surprise, I burnt myself), which is something I'm working on doing more of.

I can't ask for anything more of my parents - they've gone out of their way to help me get through my troubles, and they've allowed me to have 3 pigs even though it's not at all practical considering how often we move house. I certainly don't expect to be paid for what I do in terms of chores - I'm unhappy about the amount of pocket money they give me (don't ask why!) so why should I be 'greedy' and ask for more?
I must say that having chores growing up is excellent whether you get paid or not. I did not have chores growing up. I was the youngest of three. My sister did the dishes and my brother took out the garbage. I got paid a penny for every dandelion that I pulled. When I moved out on my own, I really didn't know what the heck I was doing. My husband (then boyfriend) had to actually show me a lot of stuff because my mom never made me do and I never paid attention. To this day, I'm 34, I still can't keep things together around the house.
I have to clean on a regular day :
sweep dining/living/kitchen/hallways
clean the counter and wash it
bathroom (if dirty)
mop kitchen/sunroom
And more chores, but usually what needs to be cleaned. I don't get allowance, though I wish I did!
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