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Gallery Photo Rules - READ before posting pictures!

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Sep 5, 2004
[COLOR=#0b00e]Proper size and SAFE![/COLOR] Your cage MUST provide a GROUND floor (or bottom level) space of at least 7.5 SQUARE FEET--REGARDLESS of upper levels provided. This main level must NOT be broken up with partitions, ramps or walls. Grids must have openings of no larger then 1.5 inches.

Proper Location! Your cage must be an INDOOR cage. Outdoor runs and play areas are acceptable, but not cages or hutches.

No commercial or pet store cages! Under any circumstances. If you have some great purchased cage that meets our cage requirements, please post about it in the forums and get permission to post a photo of it first.
Clear, crisp, well lit photos only! If your picture is blurry, dark or on it's side or if we can't clearly see or tell what the picture is of it will be deleted. Please, do not upload poor quality cell phone pictures.

Place pictures in the proper section. If you misfile a picture it will get moved.

Pet pictures are allowed but you must place them in the appropriate section and they must be of guinea pigs. We will not accept other animals in the photos.

No pictures of guinea pigs cohabitating with other animals. If you upload a photo of a pig sharing living space or floor time with another species, such as a rabbit, chinchilla, dog or cat, it will be removed from view. Unaltered animals of the same species sharing undivided space is also unacceptable.

Pictures showing proper care. Please insure that you understand and follow proper care for your pets. If your picture showcases improper food, supplements or care it will be removed from view. This includes pictures that show food with seeds, nuts, dried fruit/veggies or colored bits in it, seed treats and salt/mineral licks.

No drawings or graphics of your cage plans If you've drawn up a cage plan feel free to post it in a thread, not in the galleries. The galleries are for cages existing is real life only.

No sexing, medical or "questions" pictures. If you need advice about the proper sex of your pet or input about a medical condition please post about it in (including the pictures) the Medical Forum, NOT in the galleries. If you have questions about your cage, the gallery is not the place to post these questions. Questions belong in the forum.

Personal galleries in the member profiles are subject to the same housing and care requirements as in the main galleries
Not open for further replies.