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Chat Funny piggy stories


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Sep 16, 2016
I have so many fond memories of my pigs, and I'm sure everyone else does too. I want to share some of the ones that bring laughter whenever I tell them.
(I would like to say all of these stories are before we know a lot about guinea pigs, it was mostly when my mom remembered when she had a guinea pig as a child and three books we bought beforehand)

One of the first guinea pigs I had, Tribble, was a handful sometimes despite everything. One day we had taken her and Brownie out to clean their cage, I was still too little to pick up the cage, but I could 'help' in other ways like holding the door open. So the two pigs were unattended under their cage top so they couldn't run off. We came back into the house from dumping the bedding into the trash and heard an odd noise, walking into the living room we saw Tribble pulling up a strand from the carpet, she had already pulled about a foot up. My parents got it away from her before to much damage happened but the carpet still as a massive gap in it from her antics.

Brownie was unusually intelligent, and there are three memories that I want to tell about her.

We got Brownie and Tribble from a local pet store, the person who gives the guinea pigs to the store is an employ, and I even worked there once, and they care a lot about their pets. The day we got the two pigs it was summer so the ace was up inside and the tile floor was cold. My mom decided to put my brother and me on the floor, so we were a foot to foot and put Brownie and Tribble between us. Brownie immediately hated the cold floor and scampered over to me and leaped onto my leg.
Another time we had to trim Tribble's hair since it kept growing in her face, and she didn't like it but didn't complain, Brownie, on the other hand, wanted to play, so she kept distracting mom so Tribble could escape. She started by nuzzling mom's feet, so she wore shoes, then Brownie started to eat her hair, so mom tucked her hair into her shirt, and it just went on and on until Tribble died.
Towards the end of her life, Brownie began to be bullied by our younger pig Cloudy. We had to keep them apart and Brownie hated it when I payed attention to Cloudy so once I had Cloudy on the floor and Brownie on the sofa, I was watching her while playing with Cloudy when Brownie decided it was her turn and leapt from the couch, I sprung over the armrest and fussed over her the rest of the day (She was completely fine btw)

I have more on the other two pigs I've had Cloudy and Micky, but I don't want to make this post to long, so I'll post more in the comments if anyone wants to hear them. I would also like to hear your stories.
The funniest things my pigs do are usually to each other, and I just sometimes catch them happening. Odeta often popcorns when she's inside pigloos, and sometimes whacks her head on the ceiling and/or sends hay flying off the top of it, which is always funny to see. Theo drinks basically upside down, so we laugh at her pretty much every time she uses a water bottle.

Theo also once found an iPod that had been missing for a couple years during floor time when she was a baby- I had a trundle bed back then, and had thought the sides too high for her to get into, but she did anyway, and when I pulled out the drawer she was sitting right on top of an iPod that had been missing for over a year.

Other people also sometimes think it's funny that Odeta will try to bite my nipples if she's mad at me, but I just think it hurts a lot and I have to wear a sweatshirt when I clip her nails.

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My two boars, Maple and Steve, live in a 2x6 C&C cage with a divider down the middle.
Once, Steve was rumble strutting by the divider, an Maple was... I'm not sure exactly what he was doing, (he lived by himself for almost a year, so he doesn't really know how to be a guinea pig) but he was showing off. Suddenly and inexplicably, they totally changed their tone. Steve suddenly just jumped into the air, and Maple copied him! It turned from a coolness competition to a popcorn party! It was hilarious!

Once, I was watching Maple with his oatmeal-tube-tunnel. He walked through the tunnel, turned around, and immediately walked back through it again. After that, he turned around and thought about going through AGAIN but he decided to eat hay instead.
I have 4 girls who are all very silly.

Aurora is my special needs Abby, she's just a little tipsy and panicky, but whenever we give her a treat (vitamin c tablet, veggies at an abnormal time) she zooms all over the cage, bonking into things, bobbing her head up and down until she realizes there's food. Then takes the food and runs to hide.

Nova is the youngest and a cream/white texel. Whenever she tries to be dominant she has the loudest rumble and tries to mount the other 3, which is hilarious because she looks like a cloud. Just a ball of fluff riding around on top of a larger pig. She's also a picky brat, who won't eat if you're looking even though she begs the most.

Luna is the dominant pig and one of my teddy sisters. She gets so jealous over my boyfriend Andrew. If he is handing out treats she takes hers, gives it away or hides it, then runs up to him again. Begs for pets whenever she sees him pass the cage (which is in the living room next to our bedroom) Stares at him when he is with me, screams when he is holding another pig, and if she is on the couch with both of us she stays with him giving kisses.

Stella (the other teddy) is just a purrball. Always begs for pets and treats, you touch her and she starts to purr. She likes jumping on top of tunnels and hidey things, but boy can she scream when she is out of hay.

Also someone chirps a couple couple times a month, not sure who.
Our pig Cindy always waved her food around when she was fed, and one time she bonked my sister in the nose with a pepper!
Genevieve likes to think of herself as the cage's interior decorate, meaning she always bonks around their pigloos with her head to move them where she wants. Sometimes she'll flip them over!
When we got Charlotte, as a baby, she would run into pigloos with our big crested, Starlight, and just cuddle there.
As for Pepper...well, Pepper's just a goofball. She never learned to drink from the water bottle correctly apparently, because whenever she does she makes an annoying 'tikka tikka tikka' sound. She knows her name, and when we sternly say 'Pepper!' if she's being annoying, she'll stop and look at us guiltily. When she was a baby she would hop up on top of their pigloos and squeak and squeak if she saw anyone coming.
And Starlight is not a morning pig. If we haven't brought her food immediately after we wake up, she will angle her crest and glare at us until we feed her, teeth chattering and snapping at any other pigs who dare to be happy.
One time she was trying to have a fight with Charlotte, but Charlotte kept popcorning. Whenever Starlight bugged Charly about, she would start jumping around and popcorning herself, all while teeth chattering and scowling. Then Pepper and Genevieve started popcorning, and they all gathered together and popcorned. Then Starlight got herself under control and stormed away. They all stopped popcorning and went about their business like nothing had happened.
These stories all give me a good laugh! lol

One time I was sitting on my bed with Flynn, he was just hanging out on my lap. He was sleeping, or what I assumed to be sleeping, soundly for a while. Then all of a sudden completely out of the blue he jerks up and decides he should wheek at the top of his lungs! Him wheeking alone made me laugh because it was just so sudden! Mind you, it was only early afternoon, nowhere near the usual feeding times. I knew what he wanted and while laughing I said "No, Flynn, you already ate!". He paused for a split second and then continued to wheek and wheek and wheek. Then he scrambled up on my chest and started licking my face! lol He gave me kisses and continued to wheek sweetly... the little devil! Of course, I caved in and I got up and got him his favorite veggie - a carrot. Once he had it, he snatched it out of my hand, backed himself up into his blanket, and happily munched on his food. Smh :eek: He still does this; when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it he tries to butter me up by climbing on me and giving me his piggie kisses :love:
He still does this; when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it he tries to butter me up by climbing on me and giving me his piggie kisses :love:

And it still works every single time, doesn't it?
I remember when I first got my Guinea I use to keep hay inside a Toilet Paper roll and one day the hay was stuck in the middle and my Guinea tried to get in and got stuck and started jumping and kicking its hind legs and my Mom started panicking thinking the Guinea was having some type of heart attack and my dad noticed its head was stuck in the roll and removed it immediately btw this only lasted about a few seconds
I love all of these stories :D

My guinea pigs do funny things on a daily basis! Every time I turn on the vacuum cleaner all three of my boys popcorn like crazy - what weird piggies! We recently hired out a big carpet cleaner before a rental inspection, and I was asking my partner if we should put them outside (because it was VERY loud). So we turned it on, just to see what they'd do, and they popcorned even harder than with the vacuum cleaner hahahaha. I think they associate it with a cage clean and get excited?

My best memory was of course seeing my first guinea pig popcorn for the first time, when we were playing on the floor. I, like many owners, thought he was having a fit :p
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