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Nov 10, 2011
My stupid friend has 2 boy guinea pigs and he cousins has a girl and they thought it would be fun to put one of her boys and the girl together....she said they did mate much.....but it only take like a second to get her pregnant doesnt it?
now when she put her boys back together one is trying to hump the other one! will they end up fighting? should she let them get on with it or separate them? we both look on this website together and we have both said NO breeding but then she does this!
im worried about the little girl and the boys as i dont want them to fight!
any ideas what to do?
It only takes seconds, so that was a very dumb move on your friends part. They probably now have a pregnant pig on their hands.

How big are the boy's cage? If it's a small petstore cage, don't be surprised if they fight. Humping is a normal behavior for guinea pigs to do to eachother. My pigs do it do show eachother who is boss, or even if they're really excited. I've seen my girls get really excited over veggies, start popcorning/running laps, and hump one another! I will say though that if they're in a small cage, I'm sure they'll fight. Boys need a 2x4 C&C minimum, 2x5 being better since they like to have their own space.
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