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Fudge, Toffee and CoCo


Cavy Slave
Dec 30, 2011

Just joined the forum and thought I would say hi as well as asking a question.

I have three girls, Fudge Toffee and Coco all about 9 months old.

They are living in a C&C cage I built, 2 x 4 with an upstairs area 1 x 5

I am thinking about getting another girl as I there is one for adoption who is 5 months old.

I wanted to know how safe it would be to add another girl

I also wonder if the cage I have would be considered too small.

I could always redesign the cage and add more space to it?

Any Thoughts?


Fudge, Toffee and CoCoFudge, Toffee and CoCoFudge, Toffee and CoCo
What cutie pies!! ❤️ Thanks for sharing the pictures and welcome to the forum.

To answer your question, a 2x4 would be too small for 4 girls. As it is, you are currently meeting the minimum requirement for 3 girls.

When calculating the area of your cage you can only count the main level. This is where they get all their exercise by running laps and such.

If you decide to rescue the little girl you found you would most definitely need to expand to at least a 2x5, but a 2x6 or 3x5 would be much better.
ah thanks for letting me know ... I may be increasing the pen to a slightly bigger angled 2 x 5 and moving it to my living room so we will see :)
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies are adorable!!!
Omg!! I loove your piggies!!! Well, ad least there looks. LOL welcome to the forum!! TFS!! And as Catahoula said, top levels don't count in square footage, and ramps actually count against it. A 2x6 is what is reccomended for 4 girls. (2x5 for 3) If you expand the cage, a 4th would be okay. (Not just okay, that'd be awesome!!) Good luck!! :)
P.S. Who is Toffee, who is Fudge, and who is CoCo? lol
Fudge is the beige one, Toffee is the two tone and Coco the dark brown
I knew it!! haha cute :)
Well I moved the trio from my kitchen into my living room and added slightly more floor space to the C&C Cage, see image :) . I only have a small flat so this was the best I can do for the moment. I also moved the cage furniture more to the middle so that they can run around more, and they do! Under advice for this size of cage, I decided against the fourth guinea pig :-(

Another question:

What is the best thing to use when cleaning their scent gland after it starts to get matted?


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