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Free Veggies!

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Nov 14, 2004
Wooh, I'm soo happy today. I went to this new deli that is down the street from where I live. It turns out that it is more of a produce store than a deli. I was talking to the cashier/owner dude and my mom mentioned my guinea pigs because we had bought a bunch of veggies.He said WOW my daughter wants a hamster, guinea pigs are like big hamsters, right?
So I gave him a little education about guinea pigs. I told him how big the cage I have for them is. So he offered me free veggies. YES!
I told him that maybe someday I could take my pigs in so they could see what they are like. He was amazed to find out that there are different breeds and that you could adopt guinea pigs.
So yeah, thats the amusing story of my day.
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hey thats cool! I bet your piggies enjoyed the free food!
Well i Had to pay this time :( But from now on he will give me the veggies that aren't like the hearts of romaine and what not. I think it has to be a personally owned business, I don't think Acme would buy it lol.
Wow, thats great news.
As I have always said and I will say it again. Many people are ignorant when it comes to guinea pigs. They dont know what they are. When you hear a child ask for a pet its usually a hamster. I think its great DAG that you educated this person on guinea pigs. Thats how word gets around.
well the kid wanted a hamster, but she was only like threes so she probably couldn't stay up to play with it and would try to wake it while it was asleep. So I suggested a guinea pigs much sweeter as you all know.
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