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Coroplast Free sources to get coroplast?


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Mar 11, 2012
I couldn't find any in the neighborhood or anywhere close. I did my research online and notice that people are able to to find the used one for free. Electronic store and grocery will constantly throw them out.

Does anyone wanna share their free coroplast story, it would be helpful for newbies! Thanks.
Coroplast is primarily used for making signs. At stores where promotions and prices change frequently, so do the posted signs. I imagine most stores have no reason to hold on to expired sale signs, so they'd probably be willing to hand them off to someone who could use the coroplast rather than just throw it out.

The only thing is, you'll have a cage floor that says "20% OFF THIS WEEK ONLY!" instead of a nice solid color. ;)
Good tips. I have everything but the coroplast and just got off the phone and our local sign shop wants $30:sad:. I spent $125 last month on a Ex large Rabbit cage and had no idea it still was not big enough. I sure wish I had found this site before getting our guinea pigs. Would of saved me a lot of money!
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