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FREE guinea pig cage supplies... Help?


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Mar 14, 2011
I was given these little plastic bins by my Mom who is a 3rd grade teacher. I am using one as a hay bin for their travel cage, a child's Pack-N-Play! Seriously, if you have one left over after having kids, it is the PERFECT travel/temporary pen for your piggies! :)
Anyways, back to the subject. I have 11 of these bins and I was thinking that if I can figure out how to cut through the plastic, I could use them for hideys.
Does anyone else look at these bins and get an idea of what I could use them for? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to but thick plastic?

Thanks! :)

[GuineaPigCages.com] FREE guinea pig cage supplies... Help?[GuineaPigCages.com] FREE guinea pig cage supplies... Help?[GuineaPigCages.com] FREE guinea pig cage supplies... Help?
I am including pictures of the bins and a picture of their cage so you can keep in mind what sort of room I'm working with Since the picture of their cage was taken, the cardboard boxes have been removed and they now have a 2x1 kitchen for Harper and a 1x1 kitchen on the main floor for Scout, who is too old to learn to use a ramp.. I guess that's the case. He refuses to use it.

Thanks for the help! :)
You can cut the plastic with a jig saw or coping saw. You may have to sand the edges smooth with fine sandpaper afterwards.
You could put one or two on its side with opening and cover with fleece and put some blankets towels or more fleece in to lay in and make fleece forest over the opening.
put them under cage for storage
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