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Free chloroplast!!!


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Feb 1, 2004
Feb 1, 2004
I picked up a 4x8 sheet of chloroplast for free today from a local sign shop. One sign was printed on, but there was little actual writing and contained a misprint, so he told me that if I wanted it, he'd cancel my order and give it to me free. No brainer there. Next time I'll know to call around for misprinted pieces. All the guy asked was that I recommend him to someone if I ever heard of someone needing materials.

I already posted the info in the database, but I'll say it here too. I got mine from Pitts Signs in Starkville, MS. He doesn't stock 4x8 sheets, but he will order them for you. Unfortunately they're about $26, which is mostly shipping. However, he is really really nice, and he'll definitely try to help you. He also told me that someone had called him a while back looking for chloroplast for a guinea pig cage. Apparently word is slowly getting around over here.
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