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Rabbits FOUND rabbit...snorting noise?


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Oct 31, 2010
I found a domesticated rabbit today that was likely dumped off behind the drug store. I caught him and currently have him in a cage in my house until I get get a hold of the rabbit rescue.

He appears to be in good shape and is eating. I gave him hay, guinea pig pellets (all i had), and parsley. When he came up to the side of the cage for he parsley, he was making a snorting noise. He did that as he was eating too. I have very little experience with rabbits..is that normal?

Also, are there diseases that can be spread from rabbits to guinea pigs? How about from rabbits to cats or dogs?

I should mention that I don't actually know the sex yet!

Thanks, everyone!
my rabbits don't snort but it could be normal depending on the sound. guinea pigs can get uri from rabbits I do know that so keep them separated.
As far as I know rabbits can not get anything from a piggy but the pigs can get a uri from the pastuerella bacteria not sure about the bordetella. Rabbits can be carriers and show no symptoms.
Thanks. He/she is up and eating this morning and seems to have a soft spot for parsley. I'm hoping the rescuer will take him/her today. He's very friendly, thats for sure!
My bunny which is a girl makes a snorting/grunting noise, but thats when she is grumpy or in heat and doesn't want anyone to touch her?
Other than that rabbits sometimes making a "cooing" noise which could be mistaken as a snort? its when they're happy :)
He seems to be doing it out of happiness..its quite cute! I am concerned though because he doesn't seem to have pooped since I brought him him in last night. I haven't taken him out of the cage yet because he seems nervous about being held. He will let me pet him and feed him by hand.
Most rabbits don't like to be held. That's not very unusual. Him not pooping is worrisome. Rabbits poop a ton just like guinea pigs. Have you given him any hay? Rabbits need a 24/7 supply. Dig around in his cage and see of you can find any rabbit poo. Have you seen him curl over and eat any of his poo, similar to the way a guinea pig does it?
I have been giving him hay and just gave him some more. I have also given him some vegetables and some guinea pig pellets. Of course, I put a water bottle on the cage as well. I don't have any extra bedding so I put a bath towel in the cage. It's a small cage though...something I just had on hand. I haven't seen him eating his poo but its possible he has. I got in so late with him last night that I didn't have much time with him. When I was trying to catch him last night, he was lifting up his rump like a guinea pig does when they poo. However, there is no poo in the cage.
I haven't heard back yet from the rescue and theres still no poop. Is there something I can do? Also, do they prefer a water bowl over a bottle?
We have a female rabbit that doesn't seem to like to go potty in her cage. She is litter box trained. She is in her cage for about 6 hours a day and when we let her out she goes to one of her litter boxes. When we first got her she would use her litter box in her cage, but now she doesn't. Maybe this rabbit won't go in his cage.
Sometimes their teeth rub together when they eat that can sound like grunting or growling.
If the bunny isn't pooping then he'll need to see a vet ASAP. Keep calling the rescue, let them know what is going on.
No poop is not good especially for this long. He/she should have had a zillion pellets everywhere by now. They automatically poo when eating or should. He/she need to be seen by a vet the sooner the better. Chances are he/she has an obstruction most likely a hair ball.
Offer both a water bottle and a dish of water they will drink from both. I have both in my cages.
If you have not seen poo yet this morning and you still can't get a hold of the rescue you will need to bring this rabbit in. He either has a blockage or GI stasis. Either one could kill him. There is no telling how long he has been like this since some dumb butt just threw him out. Just like with guinea pigs the rabbit will need to see an exotic vet with experience. You are a saint for taking this rabbit in, don't give up on him now.

Just make sure he has lots of water and lots of hay. With my rabbits I always gave them water bottles because rabbits have a tendency to move anything and everything in their cage. Water bowls would get tipped over in the process.
I just thought I would give an update! The woman from the rabbit rescue came and took the rabbit. She has been to the vet and is doing well and will be put up for adoption in a couple of weeks! She is wonderful with the rabbits so I know she is in very good hands.
Awesome! Glad to hear it!
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