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Scandinavia Found Cubes in Germany!


Cavy Slave
Nov 10, 2005
Hello fellow Scnadinavians!

As some of us has discovered it is nearly impossible to find the ever so useful Cubes in Sweden and it's downright murder to tryand buy a ready CC cage since many refuse to ship it to us, wich is sad because I'd not mind paying for a BIG cage for my boys! :(

Anyway, I went to the german version of Ebay, www.ebay.de and did some looting aroudn inthe furniture/home sectiona nd foudna guy who sells these and have them in stock! It's about €26 for a set PLUS postage... For a double set it is about €35 in postage, so about €100 for a quite sizable CC cage. I already got my mitts on coroplast thanks to the target sellers Canaxa! :heart:

The german cube shop - scroll through and look for the black cubes! :silly:


Cavy Slave
Jan 24, 2006
I'm planning to get a new cage for my two cavies, in the one I have now I've used ELFA grids, but they're expensive. My cage measures 120x60 cm on the lower level and 40x60 cm on the top level, grids for that costed me somewhere above 1100 SEK. What were the shipping costs from the man in Germany?
And where did you say you got your coroplast from? Is it the type they're using in the US, and how much did it cost you? I have used the type of coroplast you're using in greenhouses, very thick and very hard to cut through :eye-poppi (but I got it for free, so I'm happylol ). Anyway, I won't go through the pain and suffering caused by shaping this again, no way.
So any idea is for me a good idea.