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Joy Fostering


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May 18, 2012
I am going to be fostering a guinea pig from the RSPCA, probably getting him tomorrow. This is my first time fostering so not sure how it'll go, also my first time looking after a boy piggy as I have 5 girls.

This has all been pretty unplanned but I called into the RSPCA to drop off some cans of dog food that my dog refuses to eat and while I was there I asked to see the guinea pig they had a picture of in the window. His name is Gilbert and they have no idea how old he is, he is being housed in an outdoor cage and was so frightened that no-one could get near him let alone pick him up.

Any way I was telling the ranger there about my piggies and my C&C cage (she had never heard of one, and thought it was unusual that I keep my pigs inside) and she was pretty keen for me to adopt him knowing he would have a good home. Of course my dilemma was what to do with a boy piggy with my bunch of girls so wasn't sure it was such a good idea to adopt him.

So when I got home a rang them back to see if they would like me to foster him and try to get him used to people so he can be rehomed properly. So that being said, does any one have any tips on how to try and tame the little guy so he can hopefully get a nice new home, and how I can try to not get too attatched. I am very pleased that at the very least I can get the poor little boy out of the winter cold as it has been snowing in the hills around the city, certainly not ideal time for a homeless piggy to live outside.
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Frequent gentle handling is the key. That, and bribing with fresh greens.
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here is little gilbert, he seems to be settling in ok. he has had a nibble on some hay and a piece of carrot, but doesn't quite seem to recognise what other veggies are yet. doesn't mind a cuddle though!
So after much discussion and angst, Hubby and I have decided to add Gilbert to our herd permanently. I went and officially adopted him today, and the little guy is off to be neutered on thursday. A few more weeks and he'll be able to hang with the girls and have a proper piggy life. I just hope he gets along with one or the other group of girls, cleaning 3 cages is proving quite a task.
LOL, I'm not surprised! There's no way I could bring a little cutie like that into my house and let him go. Congratulations on your new addition.
poor little gilbert didn't make it through his surgery today. He had a cardiac arrest just as they were finishing up. I think the vet was nearly as upset as we were.
:( Thats horrible! poor little guy, at least you gave a good home , even if it was for a short time he was happy and thats what mattered. sorry to hear that
Oh my goodness! What a horrible shock. I am so, so very sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry for your loss.
I'm sorry sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to you.
I was so shocked after reading this thread. Poor little guy R.I.P
I'm sorry for your loss, I'm sure he would have been a great piggy.
Thanks everyone. The vet thought that he may have been quite a bit older than his size indicated and had probably not been fed properly when he was growing, hence he was only 640g when I got him a few weeks ago. He felt that he might have been too old to have survived the surgery hence the cardiac arrest. I am glad though that I went to a very highly qualified exotic vet because at least I know that he got the best chance he could have. Still lots of tears in our house though.
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