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Forum Rules


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Cavy Slave
Jan 16, 2012
Can somebody link me to the forum rules, please? I've looked and looked and can't find them.

There are a handful of rules posted on different topics; however, in an effort to lighten up the mood around here, we've removed the majority of the formal posts detailing forum rules on a variety of things and leave a lot to common sense. If you have a question on a specific policy, you're welcome to ask, either here or privately.
Ok, thanks.

What I'm specifically wondering about is posting a thread that links to a story of a friend's that rescued 2 kittens after seeing them be thrown from a moving car. They needed and continue to need vet treatment and she's set up a donation account to help with their bills. So, is it ok to ask for donations of this type on here?
I'll send you a PM. :)
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