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General Foraging


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Mar 18, 2012
so i love to let my guinea pigs forage, i scatter feed, dw they still get all they need! they love it they pop corn while looking for food, i also put lettuce and other veggies in a big hay pile on their hay shelf, they love it! it also keeps them stimulated and stops boredom which is great , just wondering has anyone else tried this?:?::D
Nope haven't yet.

But my cavies seem to scatter food on their own. I'm the one who has to pick up after them.
its great fun watching them snuffling through the hay, it also stops my piggies fighting over lettuce, as thy are too busy! it stops them being bored too ^^
Mine has had some fun doing that in her free range time. I'll have to do it again.
awh cool its great thing to do
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