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Feet Foot Soaks?


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Jul 25, 2011
Benjamin's feet were scaly before, but have gotten better. He is super shy so mostly stays i his bent cube hut. That is also where he goes to the bathroom the most, so he is always sitting in his poop ans pee. I think it is starting to irritate his paws, so I was wondering if there were any good foot soaks I could give him. I was thinking maybe some warm water mixed with coconut oil? Something soothing to help his little paws :)

Let me know if you know of anything, or if the water and coconut is a good idea.
Make sure to move the hideys around often if he stays there the majority of the time. or use fleece pads & switch them frequently. The risk here is bumblefoot or urine scald on his feet.

It's better to just wipe the feet off & apply a vegetable oil after. Soaking that often might be a bit stressful in the long run.

I would also highly recommend Gorgeous guineas "Perfect Paws" or "FM Ointment" for feet issues, cracked skin or bumblefoot. I've used it on my dog with really amazing results.
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I moved his hidey last night, but he moves it back to "his spot". Grrr :) Is the vegetable oil just the kind used in cooking? And do I have to watch him after applying or is it safe to be ingested?
Thank you so much!
Coconut oil is fine, as well as most other vegetable oils as long as they are cold pressed & organic. I use a thicker/fatter oil like jojoba or wheatgerm oil on dry spots. Just make sure to test the oil on the patch of skin behind the ear to ensure there are no allergies.

A small amount is safe to ingest.
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