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General Food


Cavy Gazer
Aug 13, 2020
Hey there! When I go shopping later this week what should I stop for to get my guinea pig? I'm currently feeding her romaine lettuce (I just read a forum here about how it's bad for some guinea pigs), red bell peppers and sometimes a baby carrot (and of course Tim hay and pellets).
So what should I buy food wise for her? Also is it fine to leave a bowl of pellets In the cage 24/7?

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Also any toys a guinea pig likes?

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Guinea pigs under six months old get unlimited pellets. Over that, they get two tablespoons a day.

If she's under six months, she also needs extra calcium. A couple of sprigs of parsley per day will do.

Red or green leaf lettuce and bell pepper are great diet staples. Look through the food and nutrition forum for suggestions on diet.
What bpatters said!

I would swap the romaine for Greenleaf, redleaf, or butterhead lettuce, and rotate different colors of bell pepper instead of feeding just red. Carrot is perfect as a treat. I would add a little bit of parsley, kale or cilantro to her daily veggies for extra calcium.

Buy Oxbow or KMS pellets for her! They're the only fully trusted brands, piggies love them, and you'll see the difference in how healthy and shiny it makes their fur :) Other guinea pig food brands have unstable vitamin C levels, extra calcium, extra sugar, sometimes even seeds which are a big choking hazard. Leaving her the bowl 24/7 is perfect, especially since she's still a baby!

And for toys, my piggies love these chew balls! Just make sure if she chews them down to small pieces there's no loops she could get her head stuck in.
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