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food bowl smelling?


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Nov 27, 2004
I jsut cleaned my gp cage and when i was through washing his food bowls i noticed they still smelt really bad at the bottom so i washed them a second time and they still smell. I have had them for less than a year. Do you need to buy new foor bowls every so often?

Also my are you suppose to get a new water bottle too?
What type of food dish are you using? Mine has never smelled at all and it is ceramic, so I'm not sure. About the water bottle, you should just refill it often and wash it when you clean the cage. If any bacterial growth occurs, then you'll need to buy another or really disinfect it. :)
If it's a plastic dish, wash with vinegar and it will help kill any bacteria or germs plus help the smell. If it still smells bad after that try a solution of 1 part bleach to 9 parts water and let the solution sit in the bowl for a couple minutes then rinse with hot water very, very well.
it is a ceramic bowl. It is like smooth and shiney on the sides and inside but on the bottom it isn't and that is the part that smells.
That's odd... I would take Ly's advice anyhow, and see where that gets you. Perhaps there is a bacterial growth somewhere on the inside or something. If it doesn't get better, try getting another dish. I'm sorry but I'm not sure what you should do.
If the inside bottom of the dish doesn't have the glaze on it, it's probably porous and thereby lets the smell and/or any bacteria get into the pores. Using the bleach solution should help to get rid of the smell along with any bacteria.
It is only the bottom part that isn't shiney. I will try what u said , Ly.
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