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Behavior Following


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Mar 18, 2012
so my guinea pig pepper follows her big sister gingey around all the time, its so adorable when they go for floor time its just pepper following gingey around where ever she will go, my only problem is that when i want to hold pepper she is constantly trying to get back to gingey, she licks my arm as if saying mom please im being a good girl let me go play. but i want cuddles! if i remove gingey from the cage first then pepper wheeks for her and makes annoying sounds untill they are reunited! i wonder why because gingey is sometimes very mean to her. sisterly love and all..just wondering has anyone else discovered this with their pigs?:love::D
OH MY GOSH. you just described the relationship between my girls! If I take one away from the other they wheeekk so loud until they see eachother again. They do get into little tiffs sometimes but they adore one another! I want to cuddle too! lol
glad its not just my two! it is adorable but how can i get one to one cuddle time! gingey hates cuddles XD
You've just explained exactly what my males are like. With handling mine have began to stop wheeking for each other, and as trust has been established they no longer need to follow each other around. But they do still do the licking my hands to be put down. But I am just thinking that time and handling is the answer, as they begin to see a pattern emerge that they get handled then 10 minutes later they get put down they slowly realize there is nothing to worry about.
Quee and Kwee could not care less if they're separated. lol I take Kwee out of the cage for lap time every day, while it's more of an occasional thing with Quee since she likes to pee on everyone. They don't seem to miss each other, and if they do, they don't show it. ;)
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