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Floor Time Question.


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Cavy Slave
Mar 24, 2005
My girls are having floortime while I am on the computer. They are wheeking and popcorning like crazy. I think my miniature poodle wants to join them as he is sitting beside me watching over the playpen fence and whining constantly. I was wondering if it will ever be safe to let my dog in the playpen with them? (While I supervise of course.) What do you think?
I wouldn't recommend it. But if you do, you have to make sure you supervise EVERY minute of it. My dog is scared of the pigs, but I still wouldn't trust him.
Okay, thanks. He shouldn't be so jealous. After all he gets a lot more floortime then they do! And I let him sit beside us during laptime. He whines then too.
We have a dog too. It's a small pek/poodle mix. He always gets excited when I have one of the girls out for laptime. Or if he hears squeaking. I go into "protective mother" mode when this happens also. Once he was in the room where my pigs are, (the cage is on the floor) and he was quite happy and excited watching them. Thankfully the cage came up to his chin and he had no intentions of hopping inside.
And I definitly agree with Slap- ALWAYS supervise.
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