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Play Floor time issues


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Cavy Slave
Jul 25, 2011
I am curious how other members here do floor time. At my house it is a problem- I can't just let them play on my carpet because they will pee, but if I put down a sheet or fleece there is no way for me to wash it because the washer is a pig free zone...I'm kind of stuck. Any ideas?
I use news paper or shower curtain liner. Can also use those plastic sheets for painting.
During the spring/summer you could probably rinse your floortime sheet in a bucket (or tub) then line dry it. We have a blanket we use for floortime and I'll spot wipe it with vinegar and give it a shake outside. Eventually it does get a full wash. I don't see the point in doing a full wash on it if they've only used it for a few hours. Their cage fleece gets washed once per week. Otherwise I agree that laying a shower curtain liner or a vinyl tablecloth is a good bet.
Just to be clear - it is a designated floor time piggy blanket! If I planned to use it for anything else it would absolutely get a full wash first!
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