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Frustrated Fleece Question


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Jul 3, 2018
So for bedding what I’ve been using fleece over towels.
I bought a fleece cage liner for the first time and when I tried to get it to wick, it goes through but stays damp at the top. Is it supposed to do that? Because my fleece that I always use stays a little very little wet and dries really fast. I’m just concerned because I’ve washed it twice. I just want to know 1.) is that normal? 2.) if it’s not how many more times should I wash it? 3.) it’s supposed to go through and be dry completely? Here is a link to the liner I bought
(broken link removed)
And a picture

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I'll wash it a bit more. Be sure to not use fabric softener it prevents the urine to go through. Although, liquid is liquid so yes, it will be a bit damp after they do their business. But not like, too soaked, a bit like your towels or bathroom mat after your shower .
Okay thank you

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