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General Fleece Blankets On Sale


Cavy Slave
Feb 14, 2012
For the fleece users I found fleece blankets (50X60) at Walmart yesterday for $1.00 each. I bought ten of them myself. I use them for the rats and my piggie.
What section in Walmart were they in? I'm long overdue for a Walmart run.
Thanks for the alert! That's a great deal!
They were on an end cap in the bedding section. Not sure if all Walmarts are running this deal, but I couldn't pass it up, lol.
Make sure theres no piggies on them when you're shaking them out..
thanks for the laugh @Honour! :D just a quick question about those walmart blankets - i've bought several myself and noticed they feel thinner than the fleece i buy off the bolt at joanne's. anyone else notice this? and is there a problem using them as bedding because they're thinner?
I use the same blankets for my rats as bedding and they seem to work fine, not sure how they would differ for the piggies.
I purchase in the fabric section and just buy by the yard. I've gotten some pretty colors that way, even though it costs me about $20bucks. Speaking of, does anyone know anyone that can make one to fit in my C&C where you just pull it out? There was a lady that had an ad up near me saying she was selling hers where she sewn it in and all she had to do was pull it out and put it back in and it sat up right, that'd make it easier for me. I don't mind spending the money either if someone can make it. I can't seem to NOT shrink my stuff after I wash their blankets :(
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