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Keeping Warm Fleece Beds??


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 17, 2012
I see some people using the fleece beds and bags in the cages... They don't chew on them or eat them?

I didn't know if our new baby was getting cold (our house at night is 65 F), and was thinking about putting in a fleece blanket, but didn't know if he would chew on it or not and if it was safe.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Mine have never tried to chew on or eat the fleece and I've heard many people say it's about the only thing their pigs don't chew on.
I have fleece tunnels in my cage. They nibbled on them for a moment to determine if it was edible, and now they don't do that anymore. I don't think fleece is desirable to chew on for many pigs.

I really like them, and so do my pigs! My favorite place for them are here: Small Animal Accessories and Quality Handknits by CobbCabinCrafts
I make my pets fleece bedding all the time. They may nibble test them to see if they are food but thats usually it. My boys love sacks, cuddle cups and the caves I make them. I have a tunnel that I made too, Mojo (middle pig in AV) loves it.
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