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Vet First Vet Appointment: SUCCESS!


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Dec 18, 2011
So, everyone, yesterday was my piggie's first checkup!

Nothing was wrong with the Guinea Pigs. I wanted them to get checked up just to make sure I have done a good job these past 2 months with my Guinea Pigs. I love them so much!


So, here is how it went down:

Around 2:40 PM EST time, on the 29th of February, I was picked up from school by my mom. We went home and got the piggies.

I set their carrier (small dog carrier) in their cage. Within 1 minute, they were both in the carrier. I didn't have to do anything! So, I packed their veggies, hay, and pellets, and we went off to the vet.

After around 20 minutes, we got to the vet.


The vet assistant came in. She asked us about the piggies right away.

YOU judge, did she do a good job with these questions?

She asked:

How old are they both?

What breeds?

What are their names?

What do you feed them?

Where did you get them?

When did you get them?


Then, she gave us an application to be clients there. We filled that out. She left the room. Around 10 minutes later she came in, took the application, and said that the doctor would be in in about 15 minutes.


The vet came in. Immediately, she went and looked at my piggies. She could tell by the description I gave them about their breeds what one was which. (for instance, she knew my Abyssinian was Lil' Sis')

She repeated a few of the questions that the assistant did. I handed her some veggies, and she gave it to the Guinea Pigs. Then, she tried to pet the piggies. They allowed.

Now, she got out a towel and set it onto the table.

She opened up the top of the carrier and took Lil' Babe out. She was squealing and squealing! She hated it. However, once we had her out, she started to calm down. She tried to get away maybe once, but they had a good grip on her and wrapped her in a towel and she quieted down immediately. Next, the assistant held Lil' Babe upright, one hand under her butt, and the vet looked in her mouth. CHECK! Her teeth were good! Next, she looked gently in each ear, rubbing gently. CHECK! Excellent condition! Next, she put the stethoscope on her chest and listened to her breathing. CHECK! Her lungs are doing just fine! I asked about any signs of illness, and she had none. The vet WAS going to weigh and trim her nails, but she noticed how squirmy that the piggie was so she didn't do either. She told me not to fret, as the Guinea Pigs are in tip-top-shape as far as weight, as far as she can tell. And, she said her nails weren't too long, she just usually trims them if they are sharp.... WHICH THEY WERE! No big deal. We got the vitals down. Keep in mind that I understand FULLY the importance of weighing the pigs. Once they become tame, I will be weighing them weekly and trimming their nails as necessary. So, Lil' Babe:

LEAN, GREEN (well, black, white, and brown) HEALTHY PIGGIE MACHINE!

That made me happy. What didn't, was her squealing. But, I know she wasn't hurt. She was just scared, as she is not tame AND these were unfamiliar people.

On to Lil' Sis':

The vet replaced Lil' Babe with Lil' Sis. I gave Lil' Babe some Cilantro as her reward! I was so proud! So, the vet had a harder time with Lil' Sis. She tried to get away more-so than Lil' Babe. She came closer to getting away, but the vets were professional and handled her well. She was scared, not in pain/hurt. The assistant wrapped her fully in the towel. She calmed down slightly. Lil' Sis' poked her head out to see what was going on. The vet then proceeded to try and get a look at her teeth-- VWOOP! The piggie put her head back in. Silly girl! Eventually, she checked the chompers. CHECK! The chompers are in full chompin' condition. Next, the assistant held the piggie upright, just as with Lil' Babe. She remained somewhat calm, but still squealing. The vet checked her ears. CHECK! The listeners are hearing the music! Next, she put the stethoscope to Lil' Sis' chest. CHECK! She was breathing just fine. Good! So, I asked the same questions to the vet, such as if she has any apparent illnesses/ailments, etc.. and she said that she looks to be in perfect condition as well. She put her back in the carrier. Now, we were all set! The piggy duo seem to be doing excellent.


So, you all:

Did these vets do a good job? I think they did. They seemed to know the same that I did about Guinea Pigs, which is a lot! They were impressed with the job that I was doing. And, vise-versa! And, does it seem like I am doing a good job?

A few last concerns of mine:

My piggies seemed REALLY scared. I felt bad.... I have never heard them squeal so much! Please, just some advice about this?

I asked them about bonding with my piggies. They say that the next appointment will be better and taming will go easier once I have begun to hold them more and more. So, I am going to work on this. I would like some advice to make this go easier.... I have tried my best to handle them. And it just hasn't work. They squeal and squirm...... I use the elevator method using my carrier. Just some other tips, please?

Thanks everyone! I am happy that my piggies are in good health! Check my blog, too. I have 1 post that I made prior to the appointment.


Lil' Babe
Lil' Sis'

Thank you all.

well it's sounds like it went pretty well. I have never taken my pigs to a vet so I really don;t know what to expect but from expirenec with my cat being scared is pretty normal. they have no clue that this strange person doing all these things to them is actually helping them.
It sounds like you have done an excellent job with your piggies and good to hear they got a clean bill of health. What a responsible pet owner you are to take them to the vet just for a check up. It must feel good to know everything checks out, especially things like their teeth and bite. If you ever have a problem with them, at least your vet knows you have taken good care of them.

When I took my girl to the vet she would run to me to get away from the vet. I am sure she would have jumped right off the table if we didn't have a good hold on her.
It can take months to "tame" your pigs. You can't wait that long to clip their nails, and weigh them. They will become more tame the more you handle them, and weighing and nail clipping are some of the ways you handle them.
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