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First trip to the vet - traveling?


Cavy Slave
Jan 24, 2005
I have two cavies, Mischief and Mayhem, and they're taking their first trip to the vet tomorrow. Unfortunately, we're in for a drive. It's going to be about half an hour either way. I got them a mesh carrier for ventilation and lined the bottom with fleece, and I'm bringing along fresh veggies and water. I'm probably being paranoid, but is there anything else I can possibly do to make the trip a bit easier on them? (like a trip to the vet could be 'easy' :b)
my piggies have there first trip to the vet tomorrow also.. though your tomorrow is today but my tomorrow hasn't come yet.. ( did I confuse ya.lol)

I will be adding something from there cage. Something that is a "home smelling" I have noticed that piggies travel better if they have something from there home
Oooh thank you :D That makes sense. I'll bring one of their toys along.

I think I gotcha :) Good luck to you tomorrow
I would suggest something for them to hide in. If they have a pigloo or something similar that is familiar, I would suggest bringing it along. When I've taken my piggies to the vet, I take along a tea towel so they can bury under it and hide from the big, bad world. 8)
my pigs actually like being in the car and my vet is really nice. I took there cuddle puppy with them, she pretended to give it a shot too. ON colder days i would wrap them up or cover them with towels.
I'm concerned too, I'm taking Ruby to my new vet for the first time on Monday, for a check up. She dosen't really have anything in her cage that can fit in the carrier.... Should I put a small stuffed animal in there for her tonight? Thanks.
My vet is also a half and hour away!
you dont really have to, if you bring some veggies they love going to the vet. Its even better if you have a vet veggie, one they love but isn't great for them, to give to them as a special treat.
Thanks for all the replies :) I brought fleece for them to bury in, a toy and lots and lot of lettuce Xb Turns out Mischief has an infection but the vet says they both look good otherwise. Can't say they're too fond of the antibiotics

Good luck Ruby! Mine seemed to looooove the blanket. It was the first time I'd ever given them fleece. As Krys mentioned, it gave them something to hide in too which I think they appreciated. Pigloo was too large for the carrier unfortunately :\ And as Dagwell also mentioned, the veggies seemed to help a ton. Mischief barely took notice of anything or anyone but the green leafies. Made the car ride and sit in the waiting room a heck of a lot easier.

Got lucky on the outside temp ^^ It was 76 out yesterday when I took the girls
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