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First time pig owner


Cavy Slave
Feb 11, 2012
My friend's little brother had had hampsters, so when they passed a few years back, he decided to get a guinea pig. Turns out, he's allergic. So his mom has been taking care of her- feeding her, changing her bedding and water, giving her fresh veggies, but hasn't really been able to give her a whole lot of the attention she needs. Whenever I would stay at the house, I stayed in the guest room where they kept her and would take over the feeding and care and what not because she's just so adorable (and vocal when she wants food. she's determined when she wants something!)
So when my boyfriend and I got an apartment together, she said, if we'd like, we could have the guinea pig. So hopefully we are getting her today (feb 11).
She's a few years old and kind of under-socialized when it comes to people, but I hope to work on that just by playing with her daily, letting her run around my bathroom when i get home and hang out with her outside her cage a bit. And from what I've read, maybe I'll get her a new friend! (We'll see after the initial test run)
Hey, me too. ^___^
Congrats sounds like an awesome idea too me. Get her a new cage and or toys and all the attention and a friend will probably change her behavior give it time and be patient
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