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First time owner


Cavy Slave
Jan 23, 2012
I am a first time guinea pig owner. I have had "Snickers" for almost 3 weeks. I love her to pieces. She loves to hang out and snuggle on my lap while I do my homework for my online college classes. I've gotten excellent ideas from this website. Unfortunately, I have to take baby steps with my husband who thinks my 5 square foot cage is a mansion. We know too many people with small store bought cages. I also tried to talk him into allowing me to get her a companion, but I was told to stop asking for another one and be happy with the one I have. I think he is a tad resentful of all the time and energy I have put into her over the last 3 weeks, but I want to do the right things for her. I have pics posted under my profile. I am excited to see others who love their guinea pigs. :D
She's absolutely adorable! :) It looks like she loves you just as much as you love her!
your husband isn't your mom or dad. if you want another guinea pig, then that is on YOU. you are old enough to make your own decisions and he should respect that and the fact these little creatures make you happy.

sorry, but i get so irritated when someone is in a relationship and they are not allowed to do anything or own any pet(s) because the significant other is the "boss" and he/she "makes the rules." it angers me that people think they are dominant in a relationship.

anyway, your little snickers is ADORABLE. i love her crest ♥♥♥ if you can't tell, i have a thing for piggies with crests!
Welcome to the forum! You will find we all love piggies here. Your Snickers is adorable! She is colored so beautifully.
Check out all the great reading here. Share it all with your husband and let him pick out a friend for Snickers, so he can have a great little pet too. Keep us posted.
I was going to say the same thing as kieri. Whether your husband is an animal person or a piggie person or not, if he loves you (which I'm sure he does : ) ) then he will be willing to get snickers a buddy for her happiness and your enjoyment (piggies are so fun to watch in pairs!). I had the same issue with cages. I first bought a "huge" pet store cage with maybe 6 sq ft. A couple weeks later, I felt the cage was small and bought a Midwest cage that is about 8 sq ft. A few months later, I made a 6x2 C&C. Now I an thinking about expanding it a little. Granted, I have four piggies. I realized that, while my cage has a pretty large footprint, they LIVE in this 16 sq ft cage. Anyway, snickers is adorable! Best of luck to you!
Well, I bit the bullet (so to speak). I got another guinea pig. I can't tell you how mad my husband was when he got home and I told him about it. I knew it wasn't a good idea to just go out and get it, but I was afraid he would talk me out of it. It never was my intention to only get one, but somehow I got talked into a compromise of only one. My conscience kept after me to get her a companion. Neither choice (happy husband and single guinea pig nor unhappy husband with 2 guinea pigs) had a very positive outcome. Unfortunately, I know I chose the worse of the two evils to go against my husband's wishes and behind his back, but... Anyway, my daughter named her Twix (even though she's gray and white--oh well). What a night and day difference between her and Snickers. I was able to hold her tonight, but she didn't make a peep. She is really skittish--hope that goes away with lots of holding. Snickers cuddled and made cute noises right away.
First time ownerFirst time owner
Hi and welcome! She is adorable!
Well, I think she's feeling a little more comfortable. She started drinking and she is even eating a few pellets. Yeah!!!! Who would have thought I'd be excited over a guinea pig eating and drinking? LOL!
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