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First time having guinea pigs


Cavy Slave
Jan 14, 2012
This is the first time mt fiancee and I have had guinea pigs. We did do a lot of research before we decided on guinea pigs. We both grew up with dogs and cats so something so small is a big chance.

We looked at cages and cages but couldn't find one we both like plus one that would fit in our apartment. So, the one day he saw something when he was looking up cages and decided we'd make our own. It worked great. The both have plenty of room plus we can add on to it if we decided to get anymore.

Our first addition was Fred. He's a reddish-brown. When I went to the pet store, he was the last one there. I had wanted to get two at the same time but I fell in love with him when I saw him. So, I was sold. They said he's about 6 months old or so. I got everything I needed plus him then headed home.

At first, he was really leave me alone I don't want picked up or petted. He doesn't seem to like my fiancee much. He doesn't dislike him but he prefers Momma. We've had him 10 days and I can pick him straight out of his cage now and he doesn't run away or nothing now. He's a Momma boys by all means. He likes to cuddle on my lap and he likes his butt scratched. I read somewhere most guineas don't like that but Daddy found out the one day I was at work, he loves it. He purrs and everything.

Now our second addition was George. He's about 3 months old. He is mostly black with a brown stripe down his one side and a few patches of brown here and there. I actually thought he was all black until they girl at the pet store went to get him and I saw the brown stripe. He wasn't my first pick. The pet store had them in two different cages. Three and three. I saw the first three and decided against any of them because they were actually bigger then Fred. It was too bad. They had an all white one that was soooo cute. Then I saw the other three which was where George was.

The introductions was an interesting couple of hours. At first, I actually thought something was wrong because of how mostly Fred was acting. So, I took George out and looked up on the internet how you should do the introductions and what was good behavior and what wasn't. After that, I set up their play pen, put 'em both in there then sat back and watched. I was ready with a towel if things turned nasty but they did just fine.

After the introductions, I put George back in the cage without Fred so he could look around and get use to the cage. Boy I got a surprise. Fred hasn't said much up to that point. A squeak here and there but nothing real loud. That night he showed me, he could actually squeak and rather loudly. We've had George 5 days now and we can't get either of 'em to shut up especially Fred. I was actually starting to worry about poor Fred. Not anymore.

I know they say the first few days you aren't suppose to handle them too much. I did with Fred so I decided to do the same with George plus he was a lot smaller then Fred. Fred's almost full grown where George is half his size. The night I had gotten him, my fiancee told me about what time he was gonna be home. So, I got dinner in the oven and everything. Then I got George out. The first thing he did, was he went for my neck and cuddled up. He moved around a little bit but not too much. He seemed fine just sitting on the back of my neck getting petted. I heard my fiancee coming up the stairs so I put my hand on George because I felt him cringe a bit. Right when he walked through the door, he knew I had George. Fred likes to sit on my lap or on my chest. So, Daddy got to see George then he put him in his cage for the night.

George was really the one I was worried about. Him and Fred got along just fine. Fred showed him who was boss and he seemed fine with that. Fred loves now to be picked up and cuddles. George still isn't real fond of it. Though he does seem to be a Daddy's boy where Fred is a Momma's boy. Within a few days of being Fred home, he was doing what I call his happy dance. He runs around his play pen hopping and jumping. I laugh so hard because it's soooo darn cute. George started doing it last night and I think it was even cuter. He still hates to be picked up but I think he's finally starting to settle in.

We have tried to get them into a routine as much as we can. I work retail so my hours vary from week to week. My fiancee normally works 1 to 9 Monday through Friday. Yes normally. He works at a machine shop doing maintenance so some nights he doesn't get home until midnight. That's rare but with hours like we both have it's been hard to get into a routine. We feed 'em and give 'em fresh water when we get home at night. Usually the first one home does it and when we get up in the morning they get some hay. They both love their hay.

Fred didn't seem to keen on veggies at first. I hadn't tried any fruit on him yet when we got George. I had gotten some dried veggies and some fruit treats. Fred didn't mind 'em too bad but didn't really care for 'em. I read somewhere about the veggies and fruits guineas will eat and the ones they usually love. So, I went and got a couple different things. I believe the second night we had George I tried red bell pepper and cucumbers. They didn't seem to like the red bell pepper to much but oh boy they love cucumber. Or should I say George did.

When I get 'em out for their play time, I cut up a few veggies and put in there with 'em. I did cucumbers because George loves 'em and I know how good those are for 'em. Last night, I also did a banana. They both tried it but weren't too sure. We already knew George liked the cucumber but we weren't sure if Fred did or not. Boy, he sure does. I think he ate most of what I put out last night during their play time. I just gave 'em some cucumber and I bet it will either be gone or almost gone when my fiancee gets up later.

I think that's about all for right now. I've already noticed having guineas is a lot different then having a dog or cat. It takes the same kind of care and love but it's a different kind of care and love. They are my babies.
Hi and welcome! We have an addition to pigtures around here so if you have any of Fred and George we would love you to post them!
Welcome to the forum!! The two of you sound like great gp parents!! Take a look at all the good info we have here. The is a wonderful section on diet and nutrition. we love pictures around here. So pictures is a must.
Looking forward to sharing and pictures of your crew.
Thanks. I've taken to them more then he has but he's also use to German Shepards. It finally seems we are getting some where with George. I got their bag of hay out to give 'em more before I went to bed and he squeaked at me. Fred's already done it a few different times. I told my fiancee that and he was surprised like I was. Neither have squeaked at him like that yet.
I take some more pictures of George. It's hard to. He's a quick like monster. LOL
First time having guinea pigsFirst time having guinea pigs
Fred is the reddish brown and George is black and brown.
Be sure to double check their sex for yourself just to be sure both are males ;)
I'll have to try and get video of them both when they are out for their play time. We constructed a play pen for 'em. We're in an apartment so there are a lot of openings that they could get into. So, that's why we built 'em a play pen. It's so cute when Fred starts doing his happy dance as I call it and the night before last George started doing it. I gotta get more pictures anyway. Fred's grown since I took the first few pictures.
Yep. We already did that. We actually thought the other day George might had been a female. He was acting real skittish and stuff. So, we checked him again then I got online and looked at pictures. By that point we had already put 'em both back in their cage after their floor time. So, I got George out again and checked. We got 2 males. We don't want any babies.
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