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First post - question about hidey houses


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Mar 9, 2012
Looking forward to being part of this forum. I just adopted two female guinea pigs 2 weeks ago. Right now they are in a pet store cage which is about 3 feet long and just under 2 feet wide. After reading here, I'm building a 2 x 4 C&C cage.
Right now we have one hidey house and the girls seem to get along for the most part, and take turns hiding in it. However there recently seems to be more rumbling from one and chasing the less dominant pig out. When I get my larger cage, should i have two smaller sized hidey houses vs. the one large one? It definitely fits them both no problem but I'm not sure they really want to share it.
Advice much appreciated!
Welcome! Let's see some pictures of your girls, how old are they?

I would say two hiding spots are better than one. Some people use foot stools so nobody can guard the hidey. I prefer to use fleece cozy caves (and sacks) and I just made them a fleece forest...which they absolutely love for hiding as well.
Thank you! Now since i'm new I have to ask, what is a cozy or a sack - is it something you have to make yourself or can you buy them? Do you think that I should downsize the hidey house when I have another hiding place, it takes up a lot of room right now.
I appreciate you responding so quickly! And I will get a photo loaded soon!
[GuineaPigCages.com] First post - question about hidey houses

The one with the whale print is the sack and the blue one with snowmen on it is a cave, both have fleece inside. The cave is open in the back so the pigs can go in and out either side and the sack is closed. I bought these from The Cozy Cavy (they are VERY good quality and reasonably priced), in April she will be back open to take orders. But there are also a lot on Etsy to choose from.
Okay that is a perfect description of my 2 girls Lizzie and Marie. They usually don't like being in the same house together and they rumble and chase each other establishing dominance and Lizzie is the more dominant and bossy of the 2. I have 2 wooden hidey houses that are large enough because sometimes they do like to be together for bpth to fit easily. so whatever house you have I would reccomend getting another.
We have two boys that absolutely have to have their own houses. I was doing something in the cage and took one of the hideys out (one is a wooden house from the store and the other is a cardboard box with an opening on the side) and the more dominant one sat inside while poor little Connor had to sit outside. I felt so bad, I quickly put the other house back in. They swap houses, but not very often do they cuddle together. It might be different cuz they're boys though.

@SeeSpotSit - I love your cage! What is the ramp made out of?
Thanks everyone. Definitely getting another hidey house, now I feel badly for the one left out all the time. I'm also thinking of add some of the cozies like SeeSpotSit had in her cage - they look so cute!
@zoenanai - Thanks!! The ramp is coroplast with coated wire in the holes of the corrugated part to provide support and allow the sides to stay bent up. I use the home depot commercial grade carpet and hot glue gun it down.
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