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first post!!!🐹

staar ginii

Cavy Slave
May 31, 2012
hey everybody
this is my first post. im mostly looking for advice and stuff. i have two guinea pigs. the girl is harriet and the guy is ring ding. last night harriet passed away in my arms :weepy: even though she was perfectly fine 24 hours ago. i will post the story when im more comfortable talking about it. anyways ring ding is naturally REALLY shy. i anyone has tips on what to do now that his wife is dead and how i can bond with him would help alot. thnx
Welcome! :D Getting your pig to trust you isn’t going to be an overnight thing. Guinea pigs are natural pray animals, so to them you just look like a hungry lion. I’ve found it helps to get them used to your voice, so you can just read a book next to their cage since it’s kinda hard to find something to talk to a piggy about. Lol Also, a way to a guinea pig’s heart is through their stomach, so hand feeding veggies at lap time every day helps a lot.
Sorry about your loss of Harriet. It's always hard to lose a loved pet. I hope by "wife" though you didn't mean they were sharing a cage.

PigP is right. It takes time for them to get used to you. Just use a piggy elevator to pick him up, then spend time each day with him in your lap, talking softly to him, petting him, offering veggies. Eventually he will come to associate you with good things.
I'm sorry for your loss. It's always really hard losing one of these sweet little ones. If you're sure ring ding is a male, you should consider getting him a male companion from your local shelter or guinea pig rescue. A rescue might be able to help you pair him with a compatible buddy. This is a no breeding site so we don't recommend you housing an unaltered male with a female since there are so many guinea pigs in rescues and shelters needing homes.
thnx 4 ur suggestions
i have alot more time to be with ring ding now since schhool got out :)
usually when i come home i will get him some lettuce and a carrot and ill sit next to him or have him on my lap when i feed him
I'm sorry for your loss.

Is Ring Ding neutered? If he is, you can either adopt him a male buddy or a female buddy.

Check petfinder.com for adoptable guinea pigs, or call your local shelters.
I'll be thinking of you. I am so sorry about the loss of your little Harriet. I'm sure that she was well loved whilst in your care. Also, reading does really help. After a few days, I noticed a big change in the behavior of my pigs.

Just use a piggy elevator to pick him up

Just curious, how does one use a piggy elevator? Is it some way that you place your hands? I've just been really curious about that as I've seen it a lot. Thanks!
ring ding is nuetered. we had adopted harriet and then got him from a shelter. i know that he probably would like a companion but mu parents dont want to get another piggie right now.

also how do you use a piggie elavator and what is it.
he is doing alot better and comes out of his woodland when we come down.
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