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First mommy to a guniea pig so confused and need advice!!


Cavy Slave
Jan 5, 2012
HI! My name is Ashleigh.
Well I am first time guniea pig owner.
I have had her for about 2 weeks now.
She is a female. Im not quite sure how old she is.
When I first got her she sat in the corner of her cage and didnt move or eat, after about 5 days she started to move around, but she still was not eating not even hay.
She is really good with me and my husband she does not bite us and sits in our arms but I was told by the pet store employee that she was lonely so I got another female guinea pig but minnie(my guinea pig) attacked her so I had to take the other female back.
and any time I look at her she will stop eating or whatever she is doing and run into the corner???
She eats very well now but she will not eat any fruits or veggies she wont even sniff them.
Ive tried oranges, apples, romaine lettece, carrots, and pears..nothing..
Also, when I put her in a large playpen to excercise she is not really active and makes a really loud squelling noise. Is that normal??
she alose sneezies..alot I held her for 30 minutes today and she sneezed 5 times. Is that normall??
I am so lost will someone please help??
I need advice, do's and dont's
Anything will help!!
Hi and welcome! I would take your piggie to the vet ASAP, because they can go down hill very quick and they tend to hide their illnesses. The fact that she sneezed 5x in 30min. is not a good sign. Piggies that come from pet stores tend to be sick due to lack of quality care and the breeders who sell them to the store just want to make a buck.
As for her eating habits, what type of hay and pellets are you using? When introducing new foods it's best to do one at a time until you know she likes/dislikes it. The best trick is to dice or grate the new food up with something you know she eats. That gets her familiar with it and hopefully she develops a liking to it. Some of my guys are picky eaters and others love almost everything:crazy:
When you have her out for floor time try making a fort with a sheet, piggies are pray animals and think things like ceiling fans, a chair or even your shadow are out to get them. Again, some piggies enjoy it while others sit frozen. When you have lap time try draping or snuggling her in a towel, it makes them feel safe. Good luck!
Welcome Ashleigh!
First off I would take her to an exotic vet, one that handles guinea pigs. Have them rule out an URI (upper resperitory infection). If she does have an URI she can be put on the antibiotics she will need.
2nd. It takes time and patience for Minnie to become tame and comfortalble in her new surroundings. Keep talking to her and petting her. Take her out of her cage with a box. Put a box in the cage so she can run into it. When she is on your lap she may feel safer with a hand towel over her. She is afraid right now. She needs to feel safe.
3rd. She will eventually need a friend. When she attacked the other little pig, did she draw blood? Usually you can keep them together and let them establish who will be boss. There is on the home page under Cavy Spirit a section on how to introduce them and socialize them. Cage size can play apart also.
4. hhean is right about the feeding. cut up or grate bell pepper, carrot, cilantro, lettece, small, one at a time in her pellets.

If she is not not feeling well and does have a URI or mites she will be contagious to another piggie. Or if that pig is not well they will pass it on to Minnie. So it may be better to wait on a friend.

Keep us posted. Will always be glad to answer any questions you may have.
Thank you for all the information. She did not draw blood when she attacketed the other guinea pig she charged at her a bit her in the neck. I will deffintatly start diceing the food and putting in her pelltets. I will let you know what happens! And how much does it usually cost to take a guine to the vet??
Thank you for all the advice!!! I will deffintanly use all of it:))
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