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Hiding First few days?


Cavy Slave
Apr 6, 2012
hello i just got Batman a few days ago. i had a few questions about the first few days.

  1. Should i give him a hidey hut? i've been hearing a lot of mixed thoughts about having a hidey hut in the cage for the first days.
  2. should i try to pick him up at all? or should i leave him alone? he is extremely skittish but loves to be rubbed and scratched.
  3. i have him in a 2x4 c&c cage with fleece, how often should i clean it?
  4. he spends his whole day in his hidey hut and doesnt eat often, should i be worried?

thank you guys in advance!
1. Yes, he should have a hidey hut. They need somewhere to feel secure or it will take much longer for him to get used to you.
2. The first few days don't pick him up. He needs time to adapt to his new envierment, without having to worry about a scary human trying to pick him up. If it's already been a few days though, you can try picking him up. He'll run away, but that's normal.
3. Sorry, can't help with that one. I don't use fleece, but I've heard getting out poops a couple times a day, and washing the fleece once a week is usually what happens.
4. Try putting his food near his hidey so he doesn't have to go so far to get it while he's still scared. He's probably still scared from being in a new place, and stressed from having to move.
I had to let my new pigs take a couple days to adjust too. I put veggies and hay right outside their pigloo so they could eat while feeling safe. They barely went out of their pigloo, except for times they snuck over to the water bottle.

After a couple days they ran around excitedly and I then chose to handle them briefly before putting them into floor time daily. Now they crawl over my hands when I cage-clean. I'm sure each pig will adjust at different times. My new guys seem a lot more comfortable and friendly than my first two.

All pigs need hiding spots. They're little, scared prey animals.

I change my *main* fleece, the one that covers all of my cage, every week. My pigs tend to pee more often in their hidey houses and hay area, and I have to have extra protection in those areas. After a couple days I'd feel their fleece once a day and check for moisture. That should tell you how often you need to change, and if there needs to be added absorbency in some areas. You shouldn't let certain places stay wet for the sake of only changing once a week.

They poop a lot and you may find yourself sweeping a few times a day. I actually use a large metal serving spoon. I glide it over the fleece for poos and "scrape" with it to get all the hay scraps. Works surprsing well. Better than the mini dust pan.
thank you guys! missjean i tried your serving spoon technique and it works like a charm!!!! :)
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