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Financial Responsibility


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Mar 31, 2011
So a while back I wanted to adopt a dog not a puppy a dog. I had been raised around animals my whole life and I missed having that tail wagging little buddy around. Well I lived in an apartment( paid my pet fees as well) so I wanted to get a smaller dog.

At the time I thought a cocker spaniel would be a good dog to have in our 2 bedroom apartment with just me and my fiance. I have been paying my way since I was 17 keep that in mind. Well I found a cocker spaniel rescue and absolutely fell in love with one of their senior dogs.

I noticed however when I was filling out the adoption application that it said and I quote. "We do not adopt to students due to the fact that they are financially irresponsible and unable to care for a dog properly." Well I graduated from High School early, I even took a personal finance class, I started college at 17 and paid for a 700 dollar apartment including pet fees, with the help of my fiance. We both worked and went to school full time. Most of my classes were online so the dog would have been in the presence of human company 24/7.

I wrote the rescue asking nice as possibly why they thought that. Another point to consider the re-homing fee for their dogs was in the 350's and up. I like re-homing fees for their purpose if your willing to pay that much for a senior dog you can afford the vet bills. Well to my surprise they didn't reply back, I called to ask and they hung up on me. So my question is did I go about this the right way? Was I immature about it? And were my thoughts on this correct?

Please let me know, I welcome polite; constructive criticism.
Their lack of response could be to lack of staffing, but hanging up on you when calling seems, well, immature. I think there are valid reasons to be selective in who you allow to adopt, but the wording seems inappropriate.

Although, yes, they are generalizing about owner age and maturity level, try to also see it from their perspective: how many college kids out there have gotten cute little puppies then drop them in a shelter when it's time to move and their new apartment doesn't take pets? Sadly, lots. The policy is there to protect the long-term welfare of the animal.

If you are very interested in this particular dog, consider if a parent could co-adopt with you. See if they would consider letting you foster towards adoption and they can monitor the care and commitment.

Consider also that this may not be the right time for a dog. Doing school right takes a lot of work and focus. Commit to your schooling, and consider that getting a dog could be the graduation goal.
See now that is a response! Had they worded it that way I would have understood entirely. I put the dog thing on hold till I am in the summer of my 3rd year I'm going for my masters, possibly doctorate in physical therapy so if i waited till I graduated I'd be waiting quite a while.
Still, cococheezer, if you really want a dog and can be financially responsible for it, then I'm sure there are many more rescues that will look at you as an individual rather than as a label (student). I'm currently a doctoral student, and I also really wanted a dog. My parents successfully discouraged me from getting one, and I'm glad they did. I simply don't have the time for a dog. With my pigs, I can be gone ALL DAY, since they have each other to play with, as long as I give them attention for a couple of hours in the evening.
I understand your situation :eek:ptimist: I am also a very independent student. When I was younger, my family's attempts to adopt from a humane society were always in vain. Ours was one of those that denied you if you breathed the wrong way :grumpy: So my family's pets always came from the pound (animal control). We have a black cocker spaniel right now that came from the pound :cheerful: and next time I am ready for another pet (I have two gp's right now) I will try the local shelter here, but as a college student, I'm expecting to go to the pound again. It still saves a life, and usually one much nearer to death row. Unfortunately, there are a lot of stereotypes about college students. :sad: In a few years I would like to get a nice older house cat...hopefully they'll like a 24 yr old adopter better than a 20 yr old ;)
Have you considered going to the local humane society or pound? They adopt out for a reasonable fee and many will spay, nueter and give shots before leaving. When I was renting and looking for a dog for my daughter, all that was required was filling out a form and having a copy of my lease that showed I could have a dog.
On the application was did I have a fenced area, my local vet, and would the dog be left alone for long periods of time. I have since adopted piggies, rabbits and my daughter a dog from our local humane society.
Thank you all for your suggestions! I'm pretty content being a piggy mommy right now. But when the time comes I'll probably adopt the cutest mutt the pound has! It will probably be after I graduate and move. Moving is so stressful for me I can't even imagine what its like for our animals. You never realize how many factors you have to consider when deciding things like this. Thanks again for helping me put it into perspective!
I encountered the same thing when I was looking to adopt a dog my freshman year, I was 19. Rescue after rescue turned me down. I finally found my beautiful sheltie through an owner referral on a rescues website that had previously turned me down. Almost 8 years later I still have my dog, vetted, loved and well cared for.

When I was younger it really annoyed me that the rescues would not even talk to me. I had my own apartment, was a vet tech, going to school for pre-vet, obviously an animal lover! I would say it is the rescues loss to deny a good home.
I definitely agree with you there!
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